BookitList - £250 million waterpark featuring 'living slides' and the UK’s first all-season beach to open in Manchester

£250 million waterpark featuring 'living slides' and the UK’s first all-season beach to open in Manchester

Set to open in 2025, 'Therme Manchester' a brand new state of the art water park, will become the largest in the UK, spanning 23 acres and featuring all manner of attractions, including, the country's first all-season beach!

A far cry from the UK's current crop of iterations (many of which have seen better days) the park will also host an incredible 35 slides (including a number of 'living slides' featuring live plants), indoor and outdoor pools for children, and several warm-water lagoons.

It will also offer a host of wellness facilities including a steam room, a snow room, oxygen rooms, mineral baths, multi-sensory showers and ‘exotic palm tree relaxation areas’, along with a range of classes including, water-based fitness sessions, yoga and meditation.

Furthermore, it will house an education and visitor centre offering programmes for schools and community groups, plus a range of events on sustainability and nature, whilst a two-acre biodiverse garden will also be a key feature. A spokesperson for developers Therme has said will be 'an evolving work of art, with petal-shaped terraces and beautiful pools and water features' which will 'act as a focal point for socialising, learning and discovery.’

Construction for the park, which will be located within Manchester's Trafford Centre, (the fourth largest shopping centre in the country), is set to begin next year, with an expected completion date of 2025. Once opened it is set to become a major addition to the UK's roster of attractions, with developers hoping it will attract 2 million visitors every year!


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