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Fly in a Hot Air Balloon -Tick off your BookitList, live for adventure

Riding in a hot air balloon can be one of the best ways to catch the views down below. Often a romantic way to watch sunsets and sunrises.

Shall we float all the way to the stars?

Now a very popular activity for manned flights, the hot air balloons concept originates from Sky Lanterns. For thousands of years people have been releasing lanterns in places such as Taiwan and Thailand, believing that lanterns release good luck wishes.

The first ever manned flight was developed in 1783, by Jean-Francois pilatre de Rozier. Since then it's taken off as a hobby, and modern hot air balloons with an on board heat source have been around since the 1960's. What will your Hot Air Balloon adventure have in store for you?

Best Destinations To Ride A Hot Air Balloon

Bagan - Myanmar
The backdrop of Bagan's Burmese temples and jungle fauna, make for a truly unique hot air balloon experience.
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Our Pick

Cappadocia, Turkey

Possibly the best place to go to fly in a hot air balloon is in Cappadocia. Each morning balloons come together in an amazing sunrise flight taking a look over fairy chimney pots of Cappadocia. The mountain range backdrop giving this flight a beautiful edge. The early bird catches the worm definitely has substance on this excursion.

There's much more to this place too with underground cities to explore and culture to embrace.

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Other Hot Air Balloon Adventures

Luxor, Egypt
On the banks of the Nile, lies the ancient city of Thebes where you can fly high above Ancient Egypt's delights.
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Get Your Customised Adventure

If you're looking to take on an epic adventure of your own, we can help you. Whether you want to explore the magical Cappadocia or go scuba diving in the Caribbean our travel experts can curate a custom package to your exact specifications.

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