BookitList - 3 Gorgeous Getaways For When This Blows Over

3 Gorgeous Getaways For When This Blows Over

Slowly but surely, the world is re-awakening from the recent pandemic and we’re here to try and shine a light on some of the brighter spots in world news. Whilst it’s not as simple as it once was to travel, we’re crawling our way back to the ‘free-as-a-bird’ lifestyles we once enjoyed.

Here’s a few of the places you should consider planning a trip for as soon as possible.

To make it easier, we’ve kept one domestic, one fairly close in Europe and one exotic destination from afar for you.

Scotland - Home Of The ‘Wee’ West Highlands

Scotland 1
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Scottish highlands

Scotland's natural beauty almost stands alone in regards to the awe in which travellers speak of it. We all have gazed longingly at tropical islands, stared at instagram videos of people cliff diving into turquoise waters, but sometimes the most beautiful things are right on our doorstep.

Camping in the West Highlands is as close as you’ll get to waking up in a fantasy novel full of ethereal waterfalls, enchanted forests and flame breathing dragons. Thankfully it’s more peaceful than that and we implore ANYONE who enjoys travel to make the effort to visit the West Highlands just ONCE. You don’t have to replace your beach holiday, just add a long weekend on your travel itinerary.

Greece - Is There Anything Better Than Fine Weather & Feta?

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santorini Greece

Santorini is quickly becoming one of the most sought after destinations not only in Europe, but in the world. It also carries a novel charm like the West Highlands but in a vastly different setting. Whitewashed buildings teetering over jagged cliff faces, and a range of quiet and bustling areas that can invigorate the energetic, and replenish the weary.

If you’ve not considered this unique Greek island then you need to take a second look, this is not your bread and butter holiday hotspot. Santorini is a genuinely one of a kind destination.

The Home Of World Tourism - Thailand

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Thailand is so popular it’s bordering cliche. However, it’s popular for a reason. Bangkok is a buzzing hive of backpacking, street food, temples, history and world class hospitality. What else would you expect from the capital of the “land of smiles”. The islands of the South are as suited for beach bums as they are for party animals. The north hosts some of the most bespoke, fusions of nature meets man-made marvels with Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai hosting an embarrassment of riches.

Locally sourced coffee, expertly prepared by award winning baristas gives you the morning gusto to traverse the many temples, jungles and natural wonders, that seem to hide behind every other corner. It’s unlikely any country can lay claim to as much variety and sheer beauty within such a compact space as Thailand.

Just because you think it’s too obvious, doesn’t mean you should overlook the adventures laying in wait in Thailand.