BookitList - 7 Colourful Landscapes That Will Brighten Up your Instagram

7 Colourful Landscapes That Will Brighten Up your Instagram

We've all seen photos that contain more filters than a Brita factory, but some places on Earth are every bit as vibrant and colourful as the pictures suggest. Here are 7 immense destinations that will blow you away with their rich colour pallet and fascinating landscapes.

The Amazon Rainforest

Amazon rainforest

Emeralds can look washed out and bland next to the piercing greens of the Amazon rainforest. Earth’s biggest garden is home to botanical secrets and undiscovered species, as well as the legendary Amazon river that winds and cascades through almost 7,000km of tropical South American terrain. You can visit Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guinea.

Once you’ve been here, you’ll never hear “the grass is greener on the other side” without nodding to yourself again.

The Maldives

Mirihi island Resort Maldives

For turquoise, the Maldives provides every tone and hue imaginable. The lagoons and crystal clear tropical waters seem to get more vibrant on each passing look. It’s also the PERFECT honeymoon destination thanks to its luxury and privacy in equal measures.

Grape Hyacinths, the Netherlands

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Whilst canals and clogs might be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Netherlands, one glance at the dazzling purple of the grape hyacinth fields will give you a much more colourful mental image the next time you daydream about Holland. No Instagram filters needed for this photo opportunity, it will only take away from the natural sharp contrast of the blue skies and purple blooms.

Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Kitakyushu, Japan

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The pink cherry blossoms of Japan take center stage when it comes to the botanical beauty in the land of the rising sun, but these purple wisteria trees blossom with just as much vibrancy and beauty. The distinct purple hues drape down from the trees forming ethereal flower budding tunnels that wouldn’t look out of place as a pixie fairies wedding ceremony entrance.

Jaipur, India

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The ancient bazaars might be nestled in “The Pink City”, but it’s clay terracotta colours that reflect the blazing Indian sun on the many temples and stores. The classic Rajasthani street food and bustling markets are just as colourful as the buildings they’re nestled between and the Hawa Mahal and City Palace are must visit attractions.

Dallol, Ethiopia

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The volcanoes and geysers in Dallol make it one of the most scorching places on Earth. The sulphur and salt react in the arid landscape to create some gorgeous deep yellows.

Havana, Cuba


The vibrant colours here make for kaleidoscopic photography chances. Deep reds in the vintage cars bounce the warm Cuban sun onto the pastel pallets of the buildings beside it. The fashion is as eccentric and bright as the architecture and even the music feels colourful in spirit.