BookitList - Be A Responsible Traveller: How To Execute A Safecation For You And Your Loved Ones

Be A Responsible Traveller: How To Execute A Safecation For You And Your Loved Ones

We’re all sick to our back teeth of wondering when holidays, work and life will resume as normal. Despite things changing in recent weeks towards the more lenient restrictions, it’s still not like life pre-covid.

However we’re dedicated to helping find the best ways possible to help you travel as soon and as safe as possible.


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Photo by Victor He

Marina Bay, Singapore

Of course it’s the first and foremost factor of any trip, destination.

We recommend avoiding flights as far as Australia, however some Asian countries have reported incredibly low numbers of cases and are much safer in fact than staying in the U.K.

That being said with the financial issues people are experiencing with lack of work etc, it isn’t always so easy to fly somewhere like South Korea.

  • Check quarantine rules for your desired destination.
  • Look for infection rate and ensure it’s stable or declining in the destination.
  • If you plan to visit family, ensure you and they have not been in recent contact with groups of people.


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Photo by F.A.

Shutdown Is Not The Same As It Was.

It might not be as luxurious to eat without your favourite restaurant, but this could be an opportunity to cook yourself and make that part of the fun. The reduced seating and safety measures making eating out a possibility, but we think it’s more fun to get your other half (or a friend), and see how nifty you are with a new recipe. Tom Yum Goong anyone?

  • Only dine out with people you've been quarantining with.
  • Take your own hand sanitizer
  • Avoid seating indoors if possible
  • Try making a meal of it… at home


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Photo by Sara Dubler

Ao Nang, Thailand

Most shared facilities and amenities are closed in major hotels and campsites. Take this into consideration when booking. Don’t take liberties presuming that your accommodation is hyper clean, take hand sanitizer and wet wipes.

  • Ask for clean sheets
  • Visit during off peak hours
  • Don't consume foods exposed to the public such as buffet or bar snacks.
  • Educate your children so as not to interact or get too close to strangers