BookitList - Brits Left Bamboozled As Holidays In Britain Can Cost Up to £6,000 For A Week?!

Brits Left Bamboozled As Holidays In Britain Can Cost Up to £6,000 For A Week?!

On an episode of This Morning earlier this week, viewers were left bemused as one holiday company revealed cottages could cost up to £6,000 for a week!

4th July marks the reopening of pubs and restaurants, which should be a huge boon for the travel and hospitality industry.

Toad Hall Cottages director James Norton spoke out on This Morning and revealed whilst a cottage with room for a family of 4 would cost £1,000 on average, it could cost as much as £6,000.

Considering you can fly to Bali, stay in a 5 star resort with a personal butler, go scuba diving and fly home for less than that, it hardly inspired Brits to look at domestic travel options.

Twitter then erupted with shocked viewers telling stories of other travels they’d experienced for far less. One tweet mentioned that they’d been to New York for less (a notoriously expensive destination in it’s own right).

On the low end he said prices can start at £400, but given the average is more than double that and the high end is 15x as costly, it still didn’t inspire viewers to go book right away.

Despite this shocking news, James announced that booking numbers were through the roof since the news was released on Britain's easing of lock-down restrictions.

He said: 'We have taken a lot of bookings. we're delighted. We've been waiting here for things to open so this is a sign of relief .'

'There's plenty to do in England, the scenery is as nice as anywhere. You'll see, there's plenty to do and I hope some people do try new places, I really do.'

Given the ludicrous pricing of those cottages there are thankfully some alternatives.

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