BookitList - July 1st Sees The Return Of Ryanair With Discount Fares, Masks And Touchless Features

Ryanair With Discount Fares, Masks And Touchless Features

Ryanair is fighting back against the coronavirus war by reopening flights on July 1st. They will also offer aggressive discounts for less than £20 and plans on resuming to a 40% capacity.

Ryanair also plans to resume from the majority of it’s 80 bases across Europe following 90% of it’s previous routes just with a lower number of flights overall. Rather than trying to resume with a high frequency of flights Ryanair are prioritising opening up as many routes as possible first.

Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson said: “After four months, it is time to get Europe flying again so we can reunite friends and families, allow people to return to work, and restart Europe’s tourism industry, which provides so many millions of jobs,”

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Ryanair Flight To resume soon.

“Now that Europe’s States are allowing some gradual return to normal life, we expect this will evolve over the coming weeks and months.”

It’s clear the priority for Ryanair is leisure travelers and the reopening of so many routes will be a test run in effect for how receptive people are to flying post lockdown.

Wilson went on to say: “Ryanair believes this is the most practical date to resume normal flight schedules, so that we can allow friends and families to reunite, commuters to go back to work, and allow those tourism based economies such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, France and others, to recover what is left of this year’s tourism season,”

There will be new measures in place in order to reduce the risk of the coronavirus spreading. Passengers will be encouraged to wear masks and there will also be touch less features like avoiding face to face check ins and cashless payments.

The airline recently shared a video on it’s Twitter informing customers.

Ryanair also plans on asking information from passengers flying such as the address at their away destination. The information will be shared with governments in the EU to help track any kind of contact with potential contractors of the coronavirus.

“Ryanair will work closely with public health authorities to ensure that these flights comply, where possible, with effective measures to limit the spread of Covid-19,” Wilson said.