BookitList - The Holiday Hotspot You've Overlooked - Cuba Is Open And Thriving For Holidaymakers

The Holiday Hotspot You've Overlooked - Cuba Is Open And Thriving For Holidaymakers

Whilst most of us have been looking for the nearest destination for a holiday, some absolutely stunning locations have been creeping under the radar and letting holidaymakers come and indulge in some sun, sea and sand without it hitting front page news.

One such destination is the Central American paradise of Cuba. Ariana Grande loves Havana enough to write a hit record about it, and if we had the singing chops or drop dead gorgeous looks we'd be tempted to write a remix because Cuba is an unmissable experience.

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Whilst many destinations claim to "take you back in time", Cuba actually delivers and you can go from clutching your Parker on the way to work as the temperature drops daily, or riding in a vintage 1950's Cadillac with the roof open and the Cuban sun smiling down on you.

Cuba has actually been open for over 2 months now and is operating almost as normal for would be tourists, with the latest relaxing of covid restrictions coming on October 15th, allowing all international flights and access to the panorama of sights and activities on offer. Now the country is back in full swing with calypso rhythms and spirits as warm as Cuban rum on the back of your throat.

Bookitlist's Guide To Cuba

If you want to know more about Cuba's urban metropolises, quaint Colonial villages and white-sand beaches then check out our Bookitlist guide to Cuba. With first hand experience sampling everything from the rum and cigars to the late night casino (Cuban salsa) dancing, we know how to make the most of this Central American diamond.

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Whilst Havana is the haven on everyone's lips, the postcard town of Trinidad and the Cigar rolling hills of Valle De Vinales are must visits during your trip. If Ernest Hemingway found it enough of a muse to take extended breaks sipping the world's finest rum, smoking the world's finest cigars, and penning his thoughts then I'm sure us mere mortals will find a healthy dose of inspiration in the crystal coastline and soulful spirit of Cuba.

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