BookitList - World's Most Remote Destinations Awarded - Perfect For Those Wanting A Peaceful Getaway

World's Most Remote Destinations Awarded - Perfect For Those Wanting A Peaceful Getaway

Being socially removed is part of daily life to some degree with social distancing being in almost as many sentences as full stops. But sometimes calculated distance can help give us peace of mind, and allow our thoughts to simmer down to restore some sense of zen.

For those who love peaceful getaways we've got the perfect shortlist for you.

The world's most remote destinations ideal for some rest and relaxation have been named by They went on to analyse almost 170 destinations and measure the population density to see where would offer the highest pristine nature to people watching ratio.

There's never been a more ideal time for such a holiday break. Winner of the most remote... peaceful plinth to lay your weary head down is (drumroll please)...


Just a few hours from the Gold Coast of Australia, the blend of rainforest fauna and French cuisine is not one you'll stumble across in many destinations. The south pacific islands play home to just over a quarter of a million people and ranks 8th in lowest population density per square kilometre.

It's one of Oceania's prime scuba diving destinations too! If Scuba diving is on your bookitlist, or already ticked off because you're now a professional mermaid/turtle chaser, then check out our GUIDE to the world's best Scuba sites.

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Not far behind New Caledonia were a few other luxury island destinations. Turks and Caicos, Dominica and Fiji all rank highly! Turks and Caicos is one of the premier luxury island destinations in the world making appearances on celebrity Instagram's and Jay Z lyric sheets. If 40 low lying coral islands, surrounded by Gatorade blue waters and world class spas sounds like your cup of tropical tea, check out our guide to Turks and Caicos here.

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Dominica encapsulates all of the magic of the Caribbean. The tropical rainforests, the natural hot springs and thankfully, the lack of tourists crowding the postcard sunsets. If you're looking to go to the Caribbean then Dominica should be on the top of your list if what you require is the sound of the waves kissing the shore instead of the couple on the next sun lounger kissing each other.

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