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Complete The Hajj

Culminating in a praising of Allah in front of the Kaaba, the haaj is Islam's holiest pilgrimage anbd renews a sense of spiritual purpose to all muslims.

The Most Sacred Journey A Muslim Can Take

The Haaj is the name of the sacred pilgrimage to Mecca that all muslims are employed to complete once in their life if possible.

The journey is a statement of solidarity across the islamic world. The word Haaj means "to attend a journey" and usually takes place over 5-6 days. The date of the Haaj is dictated by the Islamic calendar known as the Haaj Calendar which is based on lunar cycles. If you're a muslim this is an unmissable quest that brings you closer to Allah.

Where To Stay Near Mecca

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The Haaj is a deeply personal, spiritual and quite literal once in a lifetime opportunity. It's not a one size fits all experience. No detail should be overlooked or expense spared in this bookmark event in your life. Bookitlist work with tour providers that have decades of experience and offer dozens of packages.

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Yes and no. You can go to Mecca and take the same steps as the Islamic faithful there, but the actual process of the Haaj as a spiritual journey can only be had by someone who is part of the Islamic faithful.

Yes, just for the basic necessities like food and drink.

1. Reassure Ihram and make the intention to perform Hajj: ...
2. Travel to Mina: ...
3. Travel to Mount of Arafat to perform Wafuq: ...
4. Offer Prayers in Muzadalifah. ...
5. Perform Rami in Mina. ...
6. Animal Sacrifice – Nahr. ...
7. Halq (shaving the head)


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