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Complete the Mongol Rally

In the words of the founders "Motoring Stupidity On A Global Scale"

Photo by John O'Nolan

10,000 Miles In A 1L Motor

Do you love the open road? Do you like challenges? Do you love the guarantee of being broken down in the middle of nowhere in a car that makes a robin reliant look like a James Bond's gadget laden Rolls?

The Mongol Rally is a legit adventurists dream. There is no plush seating, easy access toilet, or even map to give you a specific set of directions. Raise money for charity, raise your heart rate and cortisol rate hurdling the headaches and raise your anecdote game by completing one of the most awesome journeys known to man.

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The Mongol Rally - The Adventurists

The Mongol Rally - The Adventurists The Adventurists

The Mongol Rally is a love child of The Adventurists. This is a privately run event arranged and organised by themselves, and all payments, sign ups and questions are to be with them.

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This isn't the only crazy event that The Adventurists organise. They are to thank for The Rickshaw Run, The Ice Run, The Icarus Trophy and more. In their own words, "Basically it's a loose band of dickheads flapping about the corners of the earth in search of chaos and adventure." So don't expect a regular corporate approach from them.

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If you want to do the Mongol Rally, then you have to complete it with the Adventurists.

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Make sure that you check out The Adventurists other adventures, as if you like the idea of this then you will probably like the idea of some of their other challenges.

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1. Your vehicle has to be barely more potent than a space hopper. 1000cc and 1L or less.

2. You're on your own.

3. You've got to raise £500 for charity.

It's further than your average road trip. 10,000 miles to be sort of precise. Yes, that's 10,000 miles across most of Europe with a vehicle slower than bmx.

The route is the path you can fathom between 2 dots on a map 10,000 miles apart. That's all you're given... 2 dots. There's your route. Enjoy.

The Mongol Rally is dangerous! The Mongol Rally is NOT an organised tour. You may end up stuck at the borders of any of the countries you choose to travel through for days or even weeks.


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