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Fly in a Wingsuit

Photo by Jonathan Francis

Terrifying, yet utterly breathtaking, a wingsuit experience is the closest thing to real human flight!

For highly experienced skydivers who fancy upping the stakes, a wingsuit flight is a truly incredible activity that induces a unique sense of euphoria that is quite like nothing else!

Featuring two arm wings and a single leg wing, the aerodynamic suits offer greater control than the equipment used in skydiving, allowing the flyer to travel horizontally for significant distances and to navigate and control lift and speed by shifting their bodies; skilled operators can travel at speeds ranging from as low as 25mph up to a hair-raising 200mph!

Wingsuiting at Netheravon

Wingsuiting at Netheravon

Situated near the southern English city of Salisbury, Netheravon airfield is home to the Army Parachute Association, and is one of the only places in the UK to offer wingsuit flights.

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The Army Parachute Association (APA) is a not-for-profit organisation who are committed to providing the highest level of training and service, and continually reinvest in a quest for excellence!

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One of the only places in the UK to offer wingsuit flying, Netheravon airfield and the APA are renowned for their quality service and training and in 2015, made history as the first British airfield to host a world wingsuit meet: the prestigious FAI World Cup.

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For a solo wingsuit flight, The British Parachute Association requires the user to have at least 500 descents or at least 200 freefall descents within the previous 18 months. Those with less experience must complete at least one jump using a training wingsuit/tracking suit.

Although wingsuit flying presents more risks and potential dangers than skydiving, provided you adhere to the strict rules and regulations, it is generally very safe.

Like skydiving, wingsuit flyers must use a parachute to land safely.

Like skydiving, wingsuit flights are best done on clear warm days therefore we recommend the summer months.


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