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The lifespan for our equine friends is about 25 years, but the oldest horse recorded was 62 years old!

Stirrup Something Special With Horseback Riding

The world is home to a diversity of breath taking landscapes, and whether your an experienced rider, or a first-timer, exploring them on horseback is a unique, and liberating experience that few other activities can match.

From soaring mountain peaks, to lush, verdant valleys, rugged plateaus, to endless, picturesque coastlines, horseback riding can be partaken in almost any habitat and geographical boundary.

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Horseback Riding in Chile

One of the most beautiful countries on earth, Chile’s breathtaking landscapes encompass rugged Andean peaks, otherworldly deserts, rainforests, and the magnificent Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, home to a wealth of awe-inspiring terrain including towering mountains, and striking, glacial lakes. absorb its local culture is on horseback, guided by local Baqueanos (Chilean cowboys), who will lead you off the popular hiking trails, into the heart of this spectacular wilderness.

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Hold Your Horses - We Do Custom Trips Too!

Hay there (ba-dum-tsch), we know that whilst nothing can beat hopping on horseback and riding through the natural splendour of mother nature, sometimes we need to adjust our saddle a little before hopping on. If you'd like to stirrup something original (ba-dum-tsch), we'll create a unique package for you according to your wishlist!

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This depends on the location, though generally the summer months offer the best conditions.

Most tours will provide all the necessary equipment, all you need to bring is suitable clothing and footwear.

For long adventures this is very important, not only for enjoyment, but being able to complete the ride. Make sure you match your ability to the tours. Guides will be able to answer questions on this.


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