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Go Ice Fishing

On calm, expansive bodies of frozen water, learn how to hunt under the ice and bring home the bacon (or rather fish).

Photo by Denis Agati

Give Regular Fishing A Rest And Put It On Ice

Ice fishing is an age-old practice which involves drilling holes in iced over lakes or rivers, and using either lines and hooks, or spears to catch fish from the water below.

Despite the obvious challenges the activity is both a fascinating and fun one, as well as a great way to experience the untamed beauty of nature, and is perfect both for experienced anglers, or adventurous first timers, who love trying new things.

Our Pick

Uummannaq, Greenland

The world’s largest and most sparsely-populated island, Greenland is a magical blend of majestic fjords and soaring glaciers, sweeping valleys, charming villages and rich,traditional Inuit culture. Ice fishing is a long practiced tradition on the island and during the colder months, remains an important part of daily life for many locals, particularly in the fishing port of Uummannaq, where the vast neighbouring Fjord is home to an array of delicious fish including the famed Greenlandic Halibut.

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Whistler, Canada
Situated high up in the spectacular landscapes of the Coast Mountain Range, just a couple of hours drive from Vancouver.
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Kiruna, Sweden
Much like neighbouring Finland, during the colder months Sweden’s northern region is a beautiful, snow-carpeted wilderness.
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Although this may vary slightly, generally early December to late March is the best time of year for ice fishing.

Most tour operators will provide all necessary equipment, all you will need to bring is warm clothes and suitable footwear.

Absolutely not! Unless you're a long time seasoned ice fisher, no amount of fishing or swimming expertise make it safe to go ice fishing completely isolated. Please use one of our recommended guides to ensure you can enjoy this majestic pastime safely.


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