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Go To A Theme Park

Twists, turns, white knuckles and delicious snacks... what's not to love!

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The Family Day Out Where Adults Can Be Kids

Nothing quite captures the imagination of adults and children alike like an epic day out at a theme park. For some it's the terror of being upside down with 4Gs of force flooding your body, for others an opportunity to see the children giggle away on cartoon themed rides and eat moreish junk food as you waltz around in the sun.

Whether you're an adrenaline junkie who loves nothing more then the breath taking, white-knuckle terror of a roller coaster ride, or a film-buff looking to immerse yourself in your favourite movie, the world’s finest theme parks offer the unique opportunity to escape from reality and experience a unique universe of thrills, magic and adventure!

Our Pick

Walt Disney World - Florida, USA

A truly magical place that is suitable for all ages, Orlando’s Walt Disney World encompasses 40 square miles (the same size as the city of San Francisco!) of world-class rides, water parks (including Typhoon Lagoon, the largest in the world) hotels, restaurants, golf courses and much, much more!

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Top Theme Parks To Visit

IMG World of Adventure - Dubai, UAE
The world’s largest indoor theme park, Dubai’s IMG World of Adventure, spans some 1.5 million square feet, or around 28 football fields of world-class rides and attractions.
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Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark
The second oldest theme park on the planet (after the nearby Bakken), Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens dates back to 1843, and to this day, remains one of the best and most popular in the world.
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Refine Your Family Fun

From the scenic charm of Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens to the seemingly infinite magic of Walt Disney World Florida: Whatever your destination of choice, our team of travel experts can create the ultimate bespoke theme-park package to suit your (and your family’s) every need!

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This depends on the park, a number are seasonal, such as Alton Towers which opens from March through to November, while others, such as Walt Disney World, are open 365 days a year!

For the easiest hassle free means of visiting a Theme Park sure, but it depends on the location of the Theme Park and the length of your stay in a particular destination. If you'd just like a day out there's no harm in driving there in the morning and leaving in the evening.

Kids as young as 3 can enjoy a lot of what's on offer at a theme park. The lights, sounds and colours are all stimulating from the youngest toddler to the moodiest teenager.

Absolutely! If you've got dietary needs, or just prefer home cooking you can take a banquet o your own and lay it out in ideal picnic territory with perfect vantage points to catch terrified faces peeled back during the dramatic twists in a rollercoaster.


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