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Go To Nepal

The heart of the Himalayas with Mt Everest soaring as it's crown jewel. Also if UNESCO World Heritage bhuddist monstaries in an icy wonderland sound cool, you'll love Nepal.

Photo by Simon English

A few words about Nepal

Often overlooked, Nepal offers a unique blend of culture and natural scenery that can reinvigorate the soul.

It’s famously home to the world's highest peak with friendly Sherpa who will help you connect to the landscape and release any underlying tensions. Whether you’re a thrill seeker or in need of some rest and relaxation there’s something for everyone.

Where To Stay In Nepal

Our Pick

Everest Base Camp Trek

When you’re going to see arguably the most spectacular natural wonder on Earth there’s only one real must do. The risks and requirements of a full ascent are for the few extremists among us but the base trek can be completed by most able bodied people and provide memories and stories that will last a lifetime.

This 12 day tour includes transport, accommodation, activities and a guide all included. Flights into Nepal can be best found at Skyscanner. You can find links to Skyscanner below.

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Things To Do In Nepal


October - December provide the clearest skies, but Nepal's main attraction are it's timeless mountain range and zenful culture which can be appreciated year round.

Pack light, fast drying clothing as usually people are very active (and sweaty) hiking around Nepal. You'll also of course need some winter ready coats and outer layers if you're planning on trekking and visiting during colder months.

Thamel is one of the most popular areas in the city for good reason. It's central and offers tons of variety for guesthouses.


Nepal Essentials


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