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See Petra

A Jordanian marvel, carved into the sandstone of the Red-Stone City. It's not only one of the 7th wonders, it's also equally beautiful when lit by candlelight after sunset.

Photo by Brian Kairuz

The Half-Built, Half-Carved City

One of the new Seven Wonders of the World, the magnificent city of Petra can be found in Jordan. Best known for it’s carved rocks, tombs and temples, it was popularised by the 1989 Indiana Jones movie “The Last Crusade”.

Today, it is known as the Rose-Red City named because of the stunning rock which many of the city’s structures have been carved into. A lot of people who holiday to Israel tack a visit to Petra on to the end, but be assured, this is an adventure all by itself.

Where To Stay To Visit Petra

Petra Guest House Hotel
Petra Guest House Hotel is situated at the entrance of ancient Petra. It offers air-conditioned rooms that overlook Wadi Musa’s mountains.
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Petra Plaza Hotel
Set in Wadi Musa, 0.8 miles from Petra, Petra Plaza Hotel offers accommodation with a restaurant and a shared lounge and a garden.
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Why go to see Petra?


Petra offers a little bit of everything: picturesque landscapes, intricate architecture and a rich, diverse past. You can easily lose track of time soaking up wonder around you. Words can only tell you so much, the rest you have to experience for yourself.

Our Pick

Full-Day Tour of Petra from Eilat

Visit iconic and historic Petra from Eilat on this full-day, guided tour with lunch included. Head through the sandstone Siq on route one of the world’s seven wonders built by the Nadateans of Jordan some 2000 years ago. Behold the Treasury monument as well as ancient crypts, mourning halls, baths, and temples. Stand in a 3000-seat Roman theatre built in 1st-century BC and watch the nearby mountains change colours throughout the day.

From £145.16
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Petra is huge and there is loads to see. If you want to do it all, then you’ll need about 5 days. You can do the highlights in approximately 2 or 3, but you’ll leave yourself short if you try and cram everything into an afternoon.

Everything is accessible by foot – just wear good shoes! There are donkey and camel rides available but you don’t really need them.

The precise date is unknown, but it is on record from the 1st century BC. The city’s trade grew and it became capital of the Nabataean Empire.


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More To Do In Jordan

Visit Jordan and look in amazement at the natural landscapes, cultural and historical sites that this wonderful country has to offer such as the amazing site of Petra.


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