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Visit The Berlin Wall

A guarded concrete barrier that physically and ideologically divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989.

A Divisive Monument Turned Symbol Of Unity

One of the world’s most famous landmarks, the 27-mile long Berlin Wall stood for nearly 3 decades, as a looming concrete border separating Germany’s Soviet-controlled East from its West Constructed during the cold-war, its historic fall in 198 is seen as a pivotal point in the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union

And though on that day, much of the wall was destroyed, the remaining remnants (including the East Side Gallery which features the longest existing section) along with related landmarks such as the Wall Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie (once the Wall’s main crossing point), and the nearby Wall museum, remain hugely popular and iconic landmarks that collectively stand as reminders of its fascinating and often tumultuous history.

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To avoid the long tourist queues, take this private guided tour that blends the city’s most iconic landmarks with numerous off-the-tourist-trail sights, which are often overlooked by those relying on advice from Google. PERFECT for first-time visitors, you'll have the unique opportunity to engage in Berlin's rich history and culture, led by an enthusiastic local, who will not only take you from point A to B but also, along the way, stitch together the narratives that paint a full and vivid picture of Germany's picturesque capital.

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Although Berlin is a great year-round destination, visit in the late spring or early autumn, for the fairest weather, and to avoid the crowds and long queues of the peak tourist season.

There are numerous important landmarks within a few kilometres of the Berlin Wall including, The Holocaust Memorial, the Reichstag and Museum Island.

Regular direct flights are available from major airports across the UK via a number of airlines including British Airways, Easyjet and Ryanair.


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