BookitList - England's Best Kept Secret Beaches - Sumptuous Seclusion!

England's Best Kept Secret Beaches - Sumptuous Seclusion!

English beaches are sometimes given a bad wrap. English beaches are as synonymous with pebbles that feel like strewn lego pieces underfoot, as it is with donkey rides and a stick of rock.

Instead of going over the governments forever changing narratives, or the minutia of quarantine rules when flying, today we’re giving you a sneak peak into Englands best kept seaside secrets.

No ridiculous 3am wakeup to get to the airport, no jet lag, just rest and relaxation in its glory.

Covehithe, Suffolk

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Whilst there may be some of us who frequent Suffolk for a beachside break, Covehithe is probably it’s best kept secret. The natural driftwood wouldn’t look out of place in a museum of modern art, providing a reminder that nature's beauty is not about being pristine in every sense. The medieval church ruin of Saint Anthony lays adjacent and makes for a whimsical setting that wouldn’t look out of place in a fantasy novel.

Towan Beach, South Cornwall

Towan Beach Cornwall

The coves and valleys of South Cornwall are as delicious on the eyes as Cornish ice cream is on the tongue. Shallow waters and rock pools provide a tranquil setting with enough aquatic white noise to drown out any lingering headaches from city life. It’s also a great place to go looking for starfish with the kids. Incredibly underrated.

Overstrand, Norfolk

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Hunstanton and Blakeney are the more common destinations in Norfolk which is understandable, both have their own charms and perks. But to truly “get away from it all” without sacrificing an atom in beauty and natural scenery then Overstrand is your best bet. It’s great for crabbing with the family, you’ll see kids eyes light up when spotting these crustaceans in low tide.

Low Newton, Northumberland

Low Newton

Dunstanburgh Castle’s ruins overlook the quaint coast and provide a historical backdrop to the curved blood sand. The dunes help keep the sea side winds at bay, but for those who like a little white knuckle adventure the surf here is great. There’s also a stunning little microbrewery just off the beach, so you can see the sea ripples, whilst having a tipple!