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Thailand on a £10er!

Before we start I have a confession.

I’m not one of those people with a glamorous instagram account full of pristine plates of food that have been arranged more delicately than a swan towel in a honeymoon suite.

But I am a digital nomad who’s lived in Asia for the last 3 years.

Living abroad normalises the little things like a horse and carriage ride across the city, into a tourist trap that holds none of the value or comfort of an uber.

That is the beauty of living abroad. You get to bed down into routines and everyday activities like the locals. I’m sure a boat cruise on a famous river with a 3 course meal is nice, but that isn’t everyday life.

The advantage of seemingly mundane “everyday life” is… you can have fun for basically FREE.

Here’s how you can enjoy yourself for £10 a day in Thailand!

Since I currently live in Phuket that’s where we’ll be spending our imaginary £10.

Activity 1. BREAKFAST: Papaya Salad 50baht.

Thailand food

Not the sweet juicy taste you might expect after reading “papaya”.

This Thai delicacy is made using pre-ripe papaya so it holds a more sour crunchy taste sensation. Often mixed with a generous amount of sliced red chilli’s it packs quite the kick.

I recommend telling the vendor “OW PET”... that way they’ll make sure it’s spicy for you.

Activity 2. Walk around to find local street art and take pics. 0 baht.

Of course this will be more or less fun depending on where you stay but most tourists like to stay in Patong in Phuket. I personally prefer walking around Phuket town.

Either provide enough difference to the west to be worth a stroll.

Activity 3: Snack on Street Food. 50 baht.

This is a BROAD statement. You can decide to nibble on skewered pigs intestines or if you’re like me, fruit that’s juicier than a lifetime of OK magazine gossip.


Activity 4: Exercise On The Beach: 0 baht.

I know! You’re on holiday, why the F*CK would you want to exercise you’re there to relax.

I said exercise people, not carry logs shouting in tandem with your group like a pack of Navy Seals in hell week.

Some yoga, a little jog, BEACH VOLLEYBALL!

If you’re not a wuss you can always go for a swim in the sea.

Go to Thailand (Thailand2 png)

There’s no cost and the Thai people are very welcoming to all foreigners. It’s number 1 in tourism for a reason, they know how to relax and have a good time with the visiting masses.

Also loosening up of your body and little endorphin release from breaking a sweat will make that pink sky at sunset TWICE AS GOOD!

Even if you look a WRECK after putting in some work.


Look at that after run glow!

(NOTE: I told you I’m not the cute instagram guy)

5. Eat food during sunset. 150 baht.


I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND ordering Kai Palo. Not every restaurant will serve but you are smiled upon by the heavens if they do. A sweet pork broth with carpisum and coriander… best served with a cup of white rice.

You can actually find this meal much cheaper from street vendors but given you want to watch the sunset at the beach I’d bump the budget up from 80baht to around double that for the view.

Activity 6: Night Market Stroll (with nibbles) 100 baht..

There’s a reason night markets are travellers GO TO when visiting Asia. They’re awesome. Bespoke statues, traditional garments… local art and most importantly… MORE FOOD.

Phuket Town Night Market is my favourite but Karon beach also has lots on offer.

My recommended go to night market nibble would be anything with a stick hanging out of it.

Skewers of meat, organs (intestines are a recurring theme across Asia) and fruit.

The more delicate of you might opt for Strawberries.

However since I’m a “macho macho mannnn”...

I say you man/woman up and grab yourself some insects!

Thai night market

7. Grab a bottle of local beer Chang/Leo/Singha before resting.

Local beer just has a special feel to it in Asia. I was one of those annoying people who’d spend £5 on a 330ml can of craft beer from the 15th smallest town in Belguim when I lived in England.

They always had obscure names like “Gullivers Travels” or “Time Warp 2020 IPA”.

None of that nonsense here in Thailand. Get yourself a frosty bottle of either LEO - CHANG or SINGHA. For my pallete Chang just tastes like you’re run of the mill lager from England. Maybe because it’s now owned by Heineken.

Fun Fact: Chang is the Thai word for Elephant, which you’ll notice if you’re a professional detective is implied in the logo ever so subtly.

Activity 8. Go to bed you’re broke!

There you have it… 7 steps to having a pleasant day in Phuket for £10. That’s NOTHING!

Or you can be a total baller and buy out the club, whatever floats your yacht.


Reece C. - Guest Writer/ Digital Nomad.

P.S I have a few caveats…

  1. I didn’t include transport because I have written this from the perspective of someone who’s got accommodation and transport sorted. Hire a bike it’s the BEST way to get around by FAR. 3,000 baht per month is the MOST you should pay for a 125cc Honda Click. That’s about £75.
  2. Of course if you’re starving from all the walking and not used to the humid climate you might spend £3-£4 extra on food and drink in the day.
  3. It’s only a £10er I did what I could!

Thailand’s a cool place to live and you don’t need to break the bank.

You can even use a day like this so you have DOUBLE to spend on the weekend.

Hire a boat. Scuba dive and chase a turtle.

P.P.S Wear sun cream people.

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