BookitList - The Current Pandemic Gives Us More Reasons Than Ever To Catch Some Sunshine

The Current Pandemic Gives Us More Reasons Than Ever To Catch Some Sunshine

It’s common knowledge that exposure to sun allows us to absorb vitamin D. What wasn’t understood until recently was the impact that vitamin D (or rather the lack of it), has on coping with Covid-19.

Studies in Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation Trust and the University of East Anglia have linked low levels of the hormone vitamin D with COVID-19 mortality rates.

The mechanisms aren’t fully understood, but the correlation seems clear at this point. Lifestyle factors such as age, fitness levels and quality of diet would also be contributing factors.

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Exercising in the sun

Now with that said, how does that translate into our daily lives and how can we best make use of this information. The answer is simple.

Get more sunshine!

Now this isn’t to say do it recklessly and abandon sensible social distancing measures. But to go to a local park with plenty of space or even just lay in your back garden and catch as many rays as possible is a good start.

We’re not currently in the know as to how and when international travel will resume as normal but it’s clear that more domestic trips are becoming viable. Road trips, camping and glamping sites and recreational parks such as Center Parcs will likely be operational by July.

We are not endorsing purchasing vitamin D specifically or any supplement in particular, but improving the quality of your diet and making sure you’re not vitamin D deficient could be very helpful in bolstering your immune system.

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Citizens who are not caucasian would also likely contribute more from vitamin D due to melanins role in protecting the skin from UVB. Melanin also has the side effect of making vitamin D more difficult to absorb from sunlight.

We will be keeping you up to date on travel news and hopefully, we can give you the inside scoop on when we can travel both domestically and internationally without hindrance. But for now, try and catch as many rays as you can!