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Go To Chile - Join Bookitlist for an adventure of a lifetime!

An outdoor utopia of volcanic regions and vast vineyards.

Photo by Olga Stalska

Lakes - Glaciers - Forests & Volcanoes

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries on earth, Chile’s dramatic landscapes encompass snow capped volcanoes, vast deserts, rainforests, striking, glacial fjords, lush vineyards, and everything in between.

A paradise for outdoor and adventure lovers, the diverse topography allows for a wide range of exciting activities, from surfing to skiing, cycling, kayaking and much more.

From traditional artisan textiles and tapestries made by rural indigenous peoples, to the colorful street art found throughout its cities, Chile is renowned for its arts and culture, and has a long, and proud tradition of wine making, as well as burgeoning culinary scene.

Regions To Visit in Chile

Our Pick

Hike Patagonia In Depth

Patagonia is too epic in scale and spectacular in aesthetics to be seen briskly. This 10 day tour ventures well of the beaten path through remote areas with the opportunity to roam free as a Megallanic Woodpecker (which are native to the region). Snow tipped mountains and azure skies are an ethereal backdrop to your expedition with trails carved through Torres del Paine National Park and the highly celebrated W Trek.

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British Airways offer regular direct flights from London Heathrow to Santiago.

Santiago, The Central Valleys and Atacama Desert are great year round destinations due to their stable weather conditions. Patagonia is best visited during the Southern Hemisphere Spring/summertime, between October and March.

In order to experience some of the main highlights we recommend a minimum of ten days.

If you are a UK national you do not require a visa to enter Chile and may remain there for up to 90 days.


Chile Essentials


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