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A world of fantasy and magic that makes kids feel like a character in their favourite movie, and makes adults feel like a kid again.

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A bit about Disney Parks...

Walt Disney once said that 'Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world'. Disney Parks bring all of the magic of your favourite childhood characters to life in an exquisitely designed, authentic, and fun experience.

Seems there is a lot of imagination in the world as Walt's Disneyland has now expanded into an Empire of six different resorts! And it's not just the quantity that attest to his success, Disney Parks are consistently on the list of most popular theme parks in the world, with Disney World Florida ranking #1.

Where to go to experience Disney?

Disney World Florida
Disney World and its adjacent parks completely live up to their hype. This behemoth of a resort is definitely worth a visit.
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Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris has the most beautiful castle of all the Disney resorts, some unique rides, and arguably the best location of all the parks.
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Our Pick

Where Magic Gets Real

Book tickets via the Official Disneyland Paris website and get access to Special Offers for each season!

These are a dream come true for any Disney fan. And even if Disney isn't your first love, the incredible design, the roller-coasters and attractions themselves are still worth going for. What you are getting is the best-of-the-best theme parks globally. These are destinations that will never fail to impress.

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Disney operates in 30 countries so it's hard to tell. It's best to check the countries seasons that you plan to visit and judge from there.

Without a doubt Tower of Terror.
As for roller coasters. our pick was Dueling Dragons but that has now been replaced for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

As for all theme parks around the world there isn't such an age limit, its more a height requirement that matters.


Disneyland Essentials

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  • Make sure you're geared up for your trip with Amazon, your photos are going to be worth it.
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  • Use Skyscanner to find the most convenient flight for the cheapest price.
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