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LOTR: Journey From Middle Earth To Mordor Photos

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What's Included?

  • Meet the makers of the 'One Ring'
  • Explore The Shire
  • Dine & Chug Ale in The Green Dragon
  • Hike Your Way Into Mordor
  • Behind the scenes Weta Workshop tour
  • Make Haste Across The Pelennor Fields
  • Kayak down the same river from the 'Dwarves in barrels' scene in The Hobbit
  • Visit Gollums precious fishing pool
  • Discover the serenety of Rohan
  • Waltz through Trollshaw Forest and Laketown
  • Climb the epic Edoras
  • Indulge in a scenic cruise between North and South islands



Day 1 - Auckland

Firstly we'll meet and greet in our welcome dinner, and prepare 'The Fellowship' for an early start tomorrow as we head out on our epic adventure.

Our first night will be at Auckland City hotel.


Day 2 - Auckland to Rotorua

As day breaks, we gather ourselves to begin the journey of a lifetime. At 8am after a hearty breakfasct, we'll leave Auckland and head for Rotorua via the quaint shire village of Hobbiton. Be sure to have your batteries full and your memories empty ready to capture the magic of the shire, with Bag End, Sam & Rosie's cottage and of course the Party Tree. We'll share a cool drink at The Green Dragon like a real hobbit, and indulge in a spot of lunch in a Marquee beside The Green Dragon. As we finally head to Rotorua for the evening, we'll have a choice of activities between a revitalising Polynesian Spa, or a traditional Maori cultural evening, with dinner and show (cost additional).

Here we'll lay our head for a night in Rotorua.


Day 3 - Rotorua to Trollshaw Forest

Today we head westward of Rivendell to the Trollshaw Forest with a guided tour of this gorgeous Hobbit habitat. A picnic lunch will be included as we explore the nature of Middle-earth, before marching forth towards Mordor, Emyn Muil and Mt Doom.


Day 4 - Ohakune to Wellington

The day begins with a passage through to Secret Entrance to Erebor and Gollum's fishing pool, retracing Frodo's journey along with his ulterior motived guide. After we've captured some epic pictures of this iconic scene landmark we head on to Wellywood in Wellington City. Tonight we have the option to dine at "The Green Parrot Restaurant" which was taken over by the LOTR celebrity cast in 2003 and is a favourite of the crew behind the films.

The next 3 nights will be based in Wellington.


Day 5 - Wellywood Day

Welcome to New Zealand movie capital with an awesome Weta Workshop exended tour including Weta Cave and the lovely Roxy Theatre for lunch. You'll see models of trolls and orks, big enough to tussle with, as well as ornate custom pieces for movie sets and some awesome photo opportunities. Later we'll see the location from the 'Get off the road!' chapter from the Fellowship Of The ring, overlooking the city. The evening has some options, you can explore the city or our guide will point you towards some awesome dining locations such as the Embassy Theatre where the Return Of The King premier was held.


Day 6 - Presentation Day with Daniel Reeve

Daniel Reeve is the awesome Calligrapher behind The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit. The ornate language scored into the 'One Ring' is a work of art and Daniel will give you insight into how they were designed as well as the chance to purchase some very unique and special gifts to take along the adventure with you. The evening will give you opportunity to explore Te Papa Museum which showcases a 495 kilogram squid!


Day 7 - Wellington To Nelson

We have finished our epic North Island adventure, and now our South Island journey shall commence! Hop on board the Inter-Island ferry from Wellington, and head to the roof deck for panoramic views of the South Pacific waters. Upon arriving in Picton we'll have a spot of lunch before making our way to Nelson. En-route we'll explore the famous river where the Dwarfs made their getaway from the Elves in barrels in The Hobbit. Not only will we see it from the banks, we'll hop into kayaks and glide down this beautiful winding current to live the Dwarf experience first hand! We'll stay the night in Nelson after our river adventures.


Day 8 - Nelson Day

At the heart of our story is the 'One Ring'. Today we'll literally meet it's makers and see a litany of beautiful Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit jewellery that added a touch of craftsmanship to the trilogies. If the weather is forgiving we have the option of a helicopter ride to pastures 'South Of Rivendell' and 'Dimrill Dale'. It's an epic journey that literally gives you a new perspective on these memorable sites.


Day 9 - Nelson to Christchurch

Today will be about absorbing the natural splendour of the South Island as we embark on a transfer to Christchurch via the stunning Kaikoura Coast. We'll have time to view the adorable Fur Seal colony along the way! Tonight we'll get an early night in Christchurch ready for an early start.


Day 10 - Edoras

"I see a white stream that comes down from the snows" - Legolas said upon looking out towards Edoras. This stunning peak will be around a 40 minute hike to the summit with astounding panoramic views from the top. Stand on the site of the Golden Hall and wave the flag of Rohan with pride. Then tread forth to Geraldine, for refreshments. We'll then drive south past the serene lakes of Tekapo and Pukaki. Tonight during our buffet dinner, we'll be seen to by a local Hobbit inspired seamstress, who we may purchase our own cloaks from!


Day 11 - The Pelennor Fields

King Theoden's battle cries are rumoured to have still been heard beneath the winds here. Relive the site of hundreds of horses stampeding across the ground in battle and visualise your own steed galloping across the turf in honour of the King. Now we'll head towards Lake-town or Esgaroth, which was part of the Long Lake of Rhovanian. It is also the final resting place of the Dragon Smaug. If you fancy yourself as a real life Legolas, try your hand at archery, and we'll see if you have a pinch of Tauriel in you. The evening will see us head to Mrs Jones's orchard.


Day 12 - Arrowtown to Queensland

Today we'll begin with a visit to Arrowtown, a quaint settlement steeped in history and home of Bruinen (a ford near Rivendell). We'll get to visit the jeweller and collect our pre-ordered LOTR Jewellery to an extra layer of authenticity to our expedition.

If you've looking to take things up a notch, we've got great news for white knuckle seekers. The chance to bungy at the gorgeous Kawarau AJ Hackett Bungy bridge. What could be more epic than jumping above the river Anduin?!

You're not only living the adventure, you're adding to it with these daredevil stunts with all of the courage of Gimley and gameness of Frodo! The evening will see us head to Queenstown to finish our adventure.


Day 13 - Queenstown

As Aragon once said “A day may come when the epic lord of the rings tour fails… but it is not THIS day”... or something along those lines. Let's finish our adventure in the same epic fashion Frodo did!

Pack yourself a hearty picnic as we look to head to several iconic destinations today. We'll head to the calling up of Shadowfax, The Silverlodge bridge - The Orc funeral pyre, Fangorn Forest, Nen Hithoel, The log Merry & Pippin hid in before Frodo left the fellowship, and where Sam and Frodo padelled onto their next chapter. Absolutely packed with memorable locations and photo opportunities.

Tonight we'll engage in our farewell dinner at our Hotel and feast like Hobbits breaking fast!


Day 14 - Optional Activities

After an epic near two week excursion across Middle-earth, up mountains, through treacherous woods and menacing terrains, meandering through the large hairy footsteps that Frodo and Sam have trodden before we're finally in our closing chapter.

Today we have optional activities for you to chose from. You can take to the skies with a helicopter flight to the Ford of Bruinen - A cruise across Lake Wakatipu or perhaps a Dart River Jet Safari past LOTR sites! There's also white water rafting, trout fishing, a hot air balloon ride and a safari 4 wheel drive half day tour. The options are near limitless for your final day on our LOTR adventure. Even if you're spent of energy and need a rest there at hot pools and spa's to visit, anything you fancy our guides will help you organise to put the perfect storybook ending to your epic trip-ology of a lifetime!

Make My Tour More Precious!

We believe in living your fantasy, and sometimes that means editing the script a little. With our custom packages our travel hobbits will carefully customise everything you need to make sure your next trip, is a blockbuster one! Length of stay, extra activities, cosplay workshops, excursions and more, we can customise it to your exact needs!

Make My Trip


Not at all. The locations and activities are stunning regardless of your fandom and often fans bring partners and family members along who enjoy it just as much as their J.R.R Tolkien worshipping loved ones.

Yes! 4 of the hotel stays include pools for you to float away in.

Of course, how else can you make your friends jealous on Instagram if you can't post your epic pictures from Mt Doom or the shire?! The coaches during transport all have wifi as well as the accommodations.

No! As stunning as they may seem only minor adaptions were made using CGI filters, but the splendour of Rivendale, The Shire and most of the trilogy were shot in New Zealand. That's just how staggering the landscapes are here.



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