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One of the world's oldest city is a holy pilgrimage site to the 3 Abrahamic religions and is wrought with equal parts history, culture and conflict.

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A Few Words about Jerusalem

Destroyed and rebuilt countless times, Jerusalem is a place of eternal life, death and rebirth. At the confluence of three of the world’s major religions, passions run high, and culture runs deep. The Old City is Jerusalem’s spiritual heart. It’s a picture-perfect walled city which Jews, Muslims and Christians hold sacred. Church bells, Islamic calls to prayer and the Jewish shofar echo through the incense-filled air. Wandering through its enchanting passageways.

Jerusalem is a place scarred with thousands of years of conflict. But a place that now wears its heart on its sleeve. Dozens of nationalities find their home here and bring with them their own culture, cuisine and customs. It’s not all rosy, though. It’s a city on a journey, as territorial lines are continually re-drawn by clashing cultures. It’s a city in metamorphosis, as skyscrapers shadow thousand-year-old places of worship. It’s a place that you need to see to believe.

Where To Stay In Jerusalem

Our Pick

Bethlehem, Jericho, Qumran Caves and the Dead Sea

This full-day tour will take you to some of the world-famous historical sites which surround Jerusalem. You’ll start by visiting Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. You’ll then go on to explore the enchanting city of Jericho, the oldest city in the world, before moving on to float in the Dead Sea. In the afternoon you’ll visit the town of Bethlehem and see the church of the Nativity which is one of the oldest Churches in the world.

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The local currency is Shekels. Although many tourist places will also take euros and US dollars, we recommend you use Shekels where possible as the price you pay is likely to be lower. You’ll need Shekels in cash to shop in the markets.

On average, you could enjoy Jerusalem for around £70 a day, including accommodation. If you’re looking to travel on a budget, then staying at local hostels outside of the main tourist areas will reduce this significantly.

Despite turbulent events in recent years, Jerusalem is generally considered to be safe for tourists to visit. Any disagreements between groups of local people don’t include tourists and generally occur away from tourist sites.

As a place of religious history, there are guidelines about what you should or shouldn’t wear, particularly in the Old City. If wearing shorts, they should extend below the knee and tops should cover your shoulders. Women wearing trousers will need a shawl to wrap around them.


Jerusalem Essentials


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