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There's more to Jordan than the allure of Petra

A Middle Eastern Gem

Visit Jordan and look in amazement at the natural landscapes, cultural and historical sites that this wonderful country has to offer such as the amazing site of Petra.

Jordan is a must see country for those with a love of history and culture. Let the journey begin by flying into Amman, the capital and largest city in Jordan. Amman is a mixture of the old and the new. Visit the amazing archaeological site of Petra, camel ride along the Wadi Rum or float in the Dead Sea.

Where To Stay in Jordan

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3 Day tour from Amman, taking you to Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea

This 3 day tour will introduce you to Jordan's capital Amman before travelling to the outstanding Petra. The tour then moves on to the amazing red landscape of Wadi Rum and then on to the Dead Sea. There's something mesmerising and magical about exploring the desert landscape, crusader-era castles and Petra. You'll also get to head deep into the sands of Wad Rum on a Bedouin safari, and let your troubles float away in the red sea.

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A visa is required with a valid UK passport. It is advisable to go to the iVisa site for up to date travel advice.

March - May or September - October are the best times to visit. Temperatures are warm in the day but cool at night.

We recommend you dress modestly with cotton pants if you're a male and not too much skin on display. Dress sense is not just a matter of style in Jordan and a little modesty will go a long way with the locals.

Their national dish is a lamb dish served in a large platter for communal eating. There are a large selections of vegetables available for vegetarians and as with most of the middle east, a lifetimes worth of great tea and coffee.


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  • A Visa is required for entry into Jordan from the UK. You're able to apply and pay for a visa with iVisa.
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