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A Northern, blue-collar port city, entrenched in football fanatics and musical heritage.

Photo by Conor Samuel

British Center Of Culture & Home Of The Beatles

Centred around the Albert Dock, Liverpool’s lively waterfront welcomes visitors looking to enjoy sport, art and culture.

With friendly locals who are usually more than willing to offer directions to the beach, shopping centre or the home of the reds, you can be sure not to miss any of the delights Liverpool has to offer. There's an open blue collar warmth,
Whatever your interests are, we’re certain that you’ll enjoy the buzz of the third-largest city in the UK.

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One Big Brilliant Day Out

This walking tour takes you up, down and around. Starting with a 138-meter ascent up St. John’s Beacon (the city radio tower) where you can enjoy the panoramic viewing gallery and take some great landscape photos of Liverpool. Followed by the award-winning Beatles museum and a relaxing river cruise to finish.

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Given that Liverpool is situated by the water, you can imagine that the winter months pack an icy punch, that’s why we’d suggest visiting Liverpool in spring or summer. March to August ranges between nine and twenty degrees, so make the trip between these months and you’ll be able to make plans.

Between 2 and 3 days will be more than enough for city-goers to fill their boots with local attractions and activities.

Whatever age you are visiting Liverpool, there’s something for everyone which means it’ll most certainly cater to the older and younger generation alike. What’s more, there are plenty of parks in Liverpool (more so than Paris) which means the kids can have a run-around, whilst you take surrounding.


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