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Rome wasn't built in a day, and it's easy to see with all of it's ancient charm, historical roots and architectural marvels.

A Few Words about Rome

Step back in time to ancient Rome, where every corner is adorned with some magnificent fountain or church that tells its own story. With a huge concentration of historical monuments, more than any other part of the world, you’ll never leave Rome disappointed.

There are 101 reasons why people go to Rome, so it’s incredibly difficult to narrow it down, but mainly it’s for the awe-inspiring Roman ruins, architecture and famous works of art.

Rome’s hot and dry weather is also incredibly inviting, with temperatures reaching highs of 30 in the peak of summer. That paired with plentiful outdoor eateries and bars, each day can be taken at your leisure.

Where To Stay In Rome

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Vatican Museums & Sistine Skip-The-Line Entry with Host

The heart of the Roman Catholic church and home to Pope Francis. Religion is a huge part of Rome and even if you’re not religious, there are plenty of reasons to visit. During a Vatican City tour, you’ll learn about its history, walk through The Sistine Chapel where you’ll see the world’s most famous Michaelangelo painting and much more!

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To avoid large hordes of tourists, the best time to visit Rome is between October and April, you’ll need a warm coat but the weather in Rome rarely ever drops below freezing. However, if you’re a traveller that likes the crowds and the scorching sun, then June, July and August is the best time.

To fit everything into your schedule, 4-5 days would be the optimal time to stay in Rome. This would allow for tours, spontaneous trips and general, eating and relaxing.

When in Rome, you should try spaghetti dishes, pizza, lasagne and gelato of any flavour.


Rome Essentials


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