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Walk The Great Wall Of China

China's 7th wonder us a surreal string of fortifications that spans thousands of miles and hundreds of years.

Photo by Hanson Lu

1,310 Miles Of Wall That Divides Land & Unites Dynasties

Over 10 million people visit the Great Wall every single year. The historical and architectural elements of the wall baffle the mind. It was erected over the course of 6 different dynasties in ancient China and contrary to presumption spurs off in different directions, breaking where mountains or lakes offer protection.

Whilst you can’t actually see it from space, it’s something you’ll want to take the time to see here on earth. At 21,196 km long, it would take over a year to walk the entire length.

Most people skip straight to the most popular spots and spend a few hours taking photos, but there are also organised treks for those who want to see more of it. Visiting the wall is a great way to immerse yourself into ancient Chinese culture as its construction spanned most of its 2,700-year history.

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3 Popular sections of Great Wall Of China

Badaling Great Wall
This section of the wall is the most popular for both tourists and World Leaders. It’s the best-preserved and most complete area. It is also the most accessible as the steps here are less steep.
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Mutianyu Great Wall
This area is found 40 miles north of Beijing and is much less busy. It offers breath-taking views and wonderful scenery so is well worth checking out.
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Jiankou Great Wall
If you’re a little more adventurous, this area is for the thrill-seekers. Climbing this section required a lot of energy and courage so makes for a great challenge if that’s what you’re after.
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Spring or Autumn are the ideal times to see the Great Wall. This is not only because you’ll avoid the crowds, but because you’ll also miss the scorching heat and freezing cold.

From downtown Beijing, it takes approximately 2 hours to get to the most popular area of the wall. So you’ll probably want to assign most of your day to seeing it.

The Simatai Great Wall is the only section that opens for a night tour. It also has a hotel nearby which you could stay in to see the sunrise in the morning before the crowds.


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