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Cherry Blossom Countdown: Japan unveils bloom forecast for Spring 2024

The UK might be deep in the midst of winter, but Japan is already getting ready for spring, eagerly anticipating the return of its famous cherry blossoms. If this amazing spectacle is on your Bookitlist, it's time to note the dates and start thinking about your trip because the blossoms are coming earlier than expected!

The Japan Meteorological Corporation predicts the cherry blossoms to start blooming around Tokyo on March 23, with the full bloom expected around March 30th. In Kochi Prefecture down south, expect the blooms to start appearing around March 18th, while up in Hokkaido to the north, it kicks off around May 2nd. In Kyoto, you can witness the blooms emerging on March 23rd, with the full bloom starting in early April.

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The forecasted dates for western and eastern Japan are a bit earlier this time due to warmer temperatures in November and December. Climate change is making the blossoms show up sooner and making it a bit trickier to predict.

Wondering how long you can enjoy the blossoms? Typically, they stick around for about two weeks from the first bloom to peak bloom, depending on the weather. And if you miss the southern bloom, don't worry – you can try catching it a bit further north.

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