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10 Best Places To Visit in August

For the northern hemisphere, August marks the peak of summer, a time to relax, enjoy the warm weather, and perhaps a much-needed getaway. However, like July it also coincides with the high tourist season when prices can be extremely high, and many destinations crowded. But, never fear, using all of our knowledge and experience, and taking into account, climate, value for money and availability, we've searched the earth, and assembled a list of the 10 BEST places to visit in August!


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Despite its relatively small size, Ecuador boasts an incredible array of magnificent landscapes, from the peaks of the Andes mountains to vast swathes of Amazonian rainforests, grand colonial cities and the fascinating Galapagos Islands.

August is one of the driest months of the year in Ecuador and though it coincides with peak tourist season, the country remains relatively under the radar compared to some of its South American neighbours, and thus, rarely gets too crowded or expensive. It is, therefore, a great time to explore the many treasures of this amazing land, from the historic streets of Quito to the cloud forests of Mindo, and the Amazonian jungles of Yasuni National Park, widely regarded as the most biologically diverse place on earth!


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No other nation embodies the very essence of Africa like Kenya, a beautiful and fascinating land composed of vast wildlife-rich savannah plains, rugged mountain ranges, sandy deserts and picturesque, palm-tree-lined beaches, home to a diversity of prominent tribal groups, like the Maasai, Swahili and Samburu.

Synonymous with safari, Kenya is one of the finest destinations on earth for spotting 'the big 5', and August coincides with the world's greatest animal migration, where millions of wildebeest and zebra travel from Serengeti National Park in neighbouring Tanzania to the Maasai Mara National Reserve in search of new breeding grounds.


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Stunning alpine peaks, scenic evergreen forests, rolling vineyards, shimmering lakes and one of the most picturesque capitals on the continent, Slovenia is, without doubt, one of Europe's most captivating destinations.

Despite such beauty, Slovenia remains relatively under the radar compared to much of Europe, and even during the peak summer months still offers great value for money and remains relatively un-congested; with average daily temperatures in the low 20s, plenty of sun, and the flora in full bloom, August is the perfect time to discover this captivating nation.

Dominican Republic

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With a wealth of stunning scenery that encompasses miles of picture-perfect beaches, verdant peaks, mangroves, lush rainforests and stunning waterfalls, along with ancient ruins, vibrant towns and cities, and a laid-back and welcoming ambience, it's easy to see why the Dominican Republic is the most popular destination in the Caribbean!

Although the month of August coincides with the rainy season, generally the weather is dry and warm with rainfall limited to short showers that often occur at night, and as it is also low tourist season, visitors can take advantage of some great hotel deals.


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From the refined elegance and historic architecture of the capital Budapest, to the rolling valleys, lush vineyards and rugged mountains of its more rural locales, Hungary is a breathtakingly beautiful place, rich in history, art and traditional folk culture.

Though many will choose to visit during November and December lured by the capital's excellent Christmas markets, August is an equally great time to explore this great value Central European gem. With warm sunny days and cool nights, conditions are perfect for discovering the sights and sounds of Budapest; the baroque architecture and vineyards of Eger in the north, or the picturesque thermal waters of Lake Balaton in the west.


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Though perhaps lesser-known than some of its neighbours, the southern African nation of Botswana is truly extraordinary, a vast, biodiverse paradise characterised by unspoilt landscapes teeming with an array of flora and fauna.

Arguably the greatest safari destination on earth, Botswana boasts an incredible wealth of wildlife, from the lush plains of the Okavango delta - home to all manner of large animals including, rhinos, crocodiles and Africa’s largest herd of elephants, to the Central Kalahari, the second largest game reserve in the world. August marks the midpoint of the dry season, and with warm, clear days and cool nights, is one of the best months of the year for witnessing these incredible creatures.


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Few countries on earth are as beautiful as Austria, a land of postcard-perfect alpine scenery, that include soaring snow-capped mountains, verdant valleys, flower-carpeted meadows, and vast glacier lakes, along with charming towns villages and the stunning capital Vienna.

A paradise for lovers of adventure and the outdoors, Austria's rugged landscapes are perfect for a range of activities, and with warm clear weather and average daily highs of between 23 and 26°C, August is the perfect time to visit!


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It might be best known for the breathtaking Victoria Falls (one of the largest waterfalls in the world) but Zambia has so much more to offer, from vast grasslands teeming with big game and rare bird species to verdant plateaus, peaks and the largest man-made lake on earth.

Despite such incredible natural beauty and biodiversity, and the fact that it is one of Africa's safest countries, Zambia remains considerably less touristy than some of its neighbours, and with warm, clear weather, and excellent conditions for spotting wildlife, August is a great time to visit.


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South America's northernmost nation, Colombia is intoxicating and beautiful, home to verdant mountain ranges, tropical forests, cosmopolitan cities and picturesque Caribbean beaches, a diverse, vibrant, and welcoming land, where adventure is never far away!

The winter is the driest time of year and a great time to visit but is also peak tourist season, and prices can be high and attractions crowded. August, though marginally wetter still sees little rainfall, and is generally cheaper and less crowded than the peak winter months, making it a great time to discover the many treasures of this paradisical nation!


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Arguably the most beautiful of the UK's four nations, Scotland is a unique and beguiling land, with dramatic scenery composed of highland lochs, looming peaks, vast forests, heather strewed glens and untouched islands, along with crumbling ruins and monuments that tell of its long and fascinating history.

However, due to its rugged topography and northerly location, Scotland's weather can be unpredictable to say the least, which is why the month of August (the warmest month of the year) is the best time to visit; additionally, it coincides with the world-famous Edinburgh fringe, the largest arts festival on the planet.


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