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The 13 Types Of Traveller - Which One Are You?

Have you ever wondered what type of traveller you and your friends are?

By our estimations, we think most travellers can be summed up by one of 13 types of traveller. Some people love to be in the middle of nowhere listening to the breeze whisper, while some love the hustle and bustle of a city that never sleeps.

You may well be a blend of several types of traveller, but for most of us we know what we like and we seek it out time and again.

Read our guide below and discover what type of traveller you are.

1) The Backpacker

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Off the beaten-path, discovering the culture as it once was, not how Instagram projects it to be... that's what tickles your fancy. Eat local, sleep local, and inhale the culture around you so a slice of it can live forever in your being long after you've left it's geographical footprint.

2) Flashpacker

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Whilst you're willing to get your hands dirty and go on a sweaty trek for that astonishing hilltop view, there's no need to live in squalor is there?! You love activities and experiencing the raw elements of a destination, without subjecting yourself to 16 man dormitories and flat beer from a shared keg.

3) Adrenaline Junkie

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Palm trees are nothing compared to white knuckles for you. You'd rather jump off a cliff than sit inside and watch a tv cliff hanger. If mountains aren't for scaling, and bridges aren't for bungying off, why were they put there?

4) Culture Vulture

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Travelling is not all about beaches and generous currency conversions, understanding the nuances of a culture, their cuisine, their history is what makes you tick. The blend of climate, music, flavours, tradition and architecture provide all of the colours and textures that paint a perfect masterpiece of a holiday.

5) Party Animal

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Vitamin Sea is nothing without beats, bass and your best mates. Whilst others go on holiday and have a glass or two, you're busy showing them how to become an Ibiza legend with cocktails that are closer to magic potions and dance moves straight out of the 25th century.

6) Mindful Explorer

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Being cognisant of your surroundings, the nature and wildlife that comprise is is of the utmost importance to you. It's not enough to simply take a photo of the scenery, one must learn about it's intricacies and where possible, care for it, as well as caring for oneself.

7) Animal Lover

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Loving animals goes beyond cuddling your pets, it's an important part of life and travel. The preservation of habitats ranks high on your list of priorities and if possible you'd like to partake in experiences and adventures that expose you to the beautiful nature and wildlife of a place, without harming it.

8) Time Traveller

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Marty McFly has got nothing on you. The ancient world is a mere plane ticket away. To understand our present and appreciate the remarkable multi cultural world we live in, one must take a moment to read the chapters of history that bought us here. Ancient artefacts, age old tradition, timeless recipes and lost methods of living all add a sense of meaning to your adventures.

9) City Slicker

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The depth of culture, activities and excursions in one of the world's great cities is unrivalled. Where else can you eat food from Italy at 7am, see a renaissance masterpiece from a Dutchmen at 10am, drink a glass of French champagne at 3pm, and take a boat cruise down a Spanish river at 6pm? That kind of variety and unwavering energy can only be appreciated during a city break.

10) Outdoorsy Excursionist

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Open spaces, uninterrupted skylines, sleepy riverside towns and stitched together paddy fields all help you reclaim a sense of serenity. The beaches that teem with tourists and vendors pedalling goods are too crowded, and the cities are just as hectic with less nature to show for it. Reconnecting to nature, appreciating the little things like a fresh blossom or an evening migration of birds is enough for you to make the distance travelled worth it.

11) Family Planner

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Nothing comes before family. The smile on your loved ones faces is every bit as important as your own joy, and an excursion to find the most fun days out for everyone takes priority. Your family should be proud you're such a selfless explorer!

12) First Class Visitor

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Travelling and indulgence go hand in hand like a rooftop hotel pool and a butler serving you a fresh strawberry mojito. There's no need to be cutting corners and wasting time fussing around with public transport. Drink the finest wines, be chauffeured to the coolest events and enjoy every moment in style, after all that's what trips are for right?!

13) Beach Bum

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Vitamin sea is your mineral of choice, and without the waves lapping and the sand between your toes, can it truly be considered a holiday? The best hotels are here, the best weather is here, and fresh coconuts and clear waters are a timeless pairing that keep you coming back time and time again. All inclusive anyone?

So What Type Of Traveller Are You?

A lot of people will be quick to label themselves as a culture vulture, or something that sounds noble, but we know a lot of you want to lay around all day in the sun, and only learn 3 words of the local language: please, thankyou, 1 more!

So we've devised a quiz for you, so you can take the guesswork (and bias) out of deciphering what kind of traveller you are! At the end we'll even tell you your perfect destination to inspire your next holiday. Take the test if you're a legit traveller.