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Top Destinations in the World for Chocolate Lovers

From truffles to pralines, chocolate comes in a myriad of different, delightful forms, and right across the globe, you'll find outstanding chocolatiers producing impossibly-indulgent treats that are sure to leave you wanting more!

From St Lucia to the streets of Paris, we've put together a list of the best destinations on earth for chocolate lovers.


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When it comes to chocolate heritage no nation on earth can rival Mexico. It was here thousands of years ago that cacao plants were first discovered, and then transformed into chocolate by the ancient Olmec and later, the Mayan cultures.

Though you can find outstanding chocolate throughout the country, it is the southern state of Oaxaca that is home to the finest, much of which is still made by hand. From delectably rich hot chocolate to chocolate-infused pastries, you'll find delicious, sweet treats at every turn, plus, if you fancy a break from all the sugar and want to try something savoury instead, you won't be disappointed, this area is considered Mexico's culinary heartland!


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Switzerland is synonymous with chocolate, and for good reason. This beautiful central European nation produces some of the finest on earth, and its residents consume more of it than anywhere else.

The picturesque capital Zurich is a good place to start, home to shops and factories of world-renowned names such as Lindt and Teuscher, along with a myriad of smaller artisanal producers many of whom still use traditional production methods. However, wherever you go in the country you'll find plenty of delicious chocolatey delights and chocolate-related activities on offer. For a completely unique experience, try taking the 'Chocolate Train' from Montreux to the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory at Broc.


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The beautiful central Italian region of Tuscany might be best known for its vineyards, high culture, and picture-perfect scenery, but did you know it also produces some of the best chocolate in the world?

Located between Florence, Pisa and Montecatini, 'Chocolate Valley' is so known due to the wealth of high-quality chocolate boutiques and small factories dotted amongst its beautiful scenery.

What's more, Florence itself is home to some excellent chocolatiers, such as Vestri Cioccolato D'autore, and every Spring, the city's historical centre plays host to one of the world's best chocolate fairs!


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London might not seem like an obvious inclusion on the list, but the city has seen a gastronomic revolution in recent decades, and chocolate certainly hasn't been left out!

The city can now claim to produce some of the finest chocolate on the planet, courtesy of its wealth of high-end boutiques and producers like the award-winning Paul A. Young, who make world-beating chocolate, truffles and brownies every day at their Central London stores. Plus, did you know world-renowned department store Harrods has its own 'Chocolate Hall'?


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Belgium is renowned for its outstanding chocolate, and no part of the country encapsulates this better than its capital and largest city Brussels, sometimes dubbed 'the chocolate capital of the world'.

The city is packed with chocolate shops, boasting more per square mile than anywhere else on earth and it is also the home of world-renowned chocolate brands, Godiva and Leonidas.

What's more, the city is also home to Musee du Cocao et du Chocolate (Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate), where you can learn the fascinating history of chocolate; watch a master chocolatier prepare sumptuous pralines, and of course, sample some for yourself!

St Lucia

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Like Mexico and Central America, the Caribbean has a long and proud chocolate-producing heritage, no more so than the paradisical island of St Lucia, which not only boasts breathtaking beauty in abundance but also some of the finest chocolate on earth!

Chocolate has been produced in St Lucia for centuries, thanks to its volcanic soil and tropical climate, which make the perfect conditions for growing cacao.

Today, the island is a paradise for chocolate lovers, home to many great shops where you can try some of the finest chocolate in existence, and even a luxury 'chocolate hotel'. It's also a great place to learn more about the cultivation and preparation of the sweet treat, thanks to the abundance of plantation and factory tours on offer, particularly during August, the island's official, 'Chocolate Heritage Month'.


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Paris has long been considered a gastronomic hub, and when it comes to chocolate it certainly isn't found wanting.

From world-renowned names to small independent producers, the city boasts a wealth of outstanding chocolate producers, offering all manner of mouth-watering delights.

Head to award-winning chocolatier Patrick Rodgers' eponymous boutique, to marvel at incredible chocolate sculptures or to À La Mère de Famille, the oldest chocolatier in the city and discover a treasure trove of sumptuous treats behind the pretty antique facade!


A foodie paradise with a rich blend of indigenous and Hispanic cultures, and a long and storied history, Mexico is a wonderfully unique and welcoming place that truly offers something for everyone.


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