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Is Comic Con the coolest event on the planet for Sci-Fi lovers.

Photo by Erik Mclean

The Coolest Event In The Multiverse

Bigger than batman's cave, cooler than Tony Starks crusades, and wilder than Wolverines rage... welcome to Comic-Con! Over 150,000 cosplaying, card trading, party going superheroes gather every year for the coolest event in the Universe.

Normies and humans are prohibited from entering the coolest event around (not really but costumes and nerds are cooler). From Dungeons & Dragons to One Piece, Spiderman to Justice League, Comic-Con has it all.

Where To Stay For Comic-Con

Our Pick

San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina

Located on the San Diego waterfront, nowhere is better as a home base for comic-con. Spacious outdoor pool in a tropical setting, patio dining, bike rentals, and a Starbucks to keep you caffeinated!

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Sometime's it's not enough to cosplay as someone else, we need to tailor-make our own adventure! With custom tours, we can help you make your next trip your best trip. Need extra tickets for a sidekick? Want to hire a Batmobile? Want a hand shopping for a utility belt? We've got you covered!

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July 22- 25th - 2021.

Previous prices have been $50 for preview night, $69 per night for Fri-Sun, and finally $47 for Sunday. Prices fluctuate slightly but will be around this price.

Yeah buddy! Just take your badge with you and show it when you return to regain access.


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