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Santorini, Greece

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5 Nights Santorini Adventure Photos

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What's Included?

  • Luxury Hotel Stay In Oia
  • Sunset Catamaran Cruise With BBQ & Cocktails
  • Volcano Tour & Hot Springs Dip
  • Wine Tasting Session At Santo Wines
  • Guided Tour Of The Ancient Akrotiri Excavations
  • Sunset Horse Riding On The Beach
  • Hiking Tour Of The Caldera



Day 1-Arrive -

Arrive and settle into your new Santorini abode. We've carefully hand picked the most quintessential, cliff edged white washed buildings for your stay in Santorini to ensure you get the postcard sunrise every morning, and enough photos to crash your Instagram account.


Day 2 - Volcano Tour & Hot Springs Dip

On our first full day of Santorini we'll take a short excursion to some of Greece's most unique geographical locations. This relaxing tour begins with the boarding of a traditional Greek Caique boat that sets sail for the volcano of Santorini. Step your way to it's peak and soak in the views before hopping aboard and sailing on towards the rich sulfuric waters in a natural hot spring!

For the evening we recommend trying out some bars and restaurants in the Oia district. Sun Spirit in particular has a breath taking sunset with orange hues of scattered light blanketing the Mediterranean sea with a natural glow that makes for the ideal photo!


Day 3 - Walking Tour Of The Caldera - Sunset Horse Riding On The Beach

Day 3 will begin with an epic tour of the Caldera. You can see a destination on a postcard you can add a layer of texture through seeing it with your own eyes. From the capital Fira to the cliff tops of Oia, your personal guide will lead you past cave houses and awe inspiring points noting all the finer details most tourists will miss. You even get picked up at your hotel so it is a zero hassle affair. As the day draws to a close it's time for another special Bookitlist item to be ticked off your list.

Riding a horse can be majestic, soaking up some vitamin D with vitamin SEA can be refreshing, doing both together is pure alchemy. You could be in love with a real life Casanova, but this is guaranteed to sweep away any notion you previously had of the ceiling of romance. A movie-like moment beginning on the dunes of the Caldera beach through to the black beaches of Eros. This is the art of living the good life.


Day 4 - Guided Tour Akrati Excavations - Wine Tasting At Santo Wines

Culture vultures are in for a treat with this double header excursion that will take us to Akrati excavations followed by a trip to the Red Beach. Unearthed among a mound of volcanic ash as late as the 17th century BC, that has helped the Akrotiri site to remain well preserved for archaeologists and tourists alike. Often referred to as the Pompeii of the Aegean it’s remarkable to see something almost 4,000 years old in such pristine condition.

For the evening a more relaxed atmosphere is called for and nothing says relaxation like sampling some of the world's finest wines on a cliff face gazing out towards the sea and one of the most iconic cliff edged cities in the world. The view is spectacular and the wine selection splendid.


Day 5 - Sunset Catamaran Cruise With BBQ & Cocktails

On your final day you've got time in abundance to do as you wish for the final morning and afternoon. As the sun begins to hang it's head and lean towards the horizon, we head out onto the water with a cocktail in our hand and a sizzling bbq on deck to toast an epic retreat in Santorini with a sunset catamaran cruise! What a perfect way to end your unforgettable trip to Santorini.


Day 6 - Departure

After your epic Santorini adventure it's time to say goodbye. Enjoy one last breakfast, perhaps Graviera with honey and make your way home with a camera full of photos.

Wish To Customise Your Santorini Excursion?

If you need to tailor your next trip to fit your exact needs (or those of your partner) then we understand. We'll customise your trip to fit your every desire from finding hotels with satin sheets to activities that speak to your soul and kindle a more personal flame. Let our travel experts curate a custom package for you for no additional fee.

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Of course. We want you to experience all of the best Santorini has to offer, without be shuttled from one thing to another so between each sunset, gorse ride and tour on your itinerary, you can explore!

This is a personal preference but in the spirit of being safe and sound we recommend you take out insurance always when travelling.



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