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10 Best Places To Visit December

December: a time of celebration and festivities, for spending time with your loved and ones, and, one of the best months of the year for an international break! Whether you're on the hunt for a snow-covered destination that embodies the festive spirit, or some much-needed winter sun, we've put together a list of the 10 BEST places in the world to visit in December.

Lapland, Finland

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If it's a festive break that you're after, then look no further: Lapland, Finland's northernmost region is the perfect option!

The region is at its most beautiful during December when the Arctic Circle weather transforms it into a snow-carpeted winter wonderland, punctuated by scenic evergreen forests, frozen glacial lakes, and charming nordic towns. It's a great time to see the northern lights stay in an igloo or ice hotel, or try some unique activities such as ice fishing or dog-sledging, though for many, the main draw is Santa's Village, a fairytale hamlet home to reindeers, Christmas elves, and of course, Santa himself!

Nuremberg, Germany

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One of Europe's most picturesque cities, this often-overlooked Bavarian gem boasts an array of medieval architecture, winding cobbled streets, traditional beer halls, and numerous museums and historic landmarks.

One of the best destinations on the continent for a festive break, every year, the city plays host to the largest of Germany's renowned Christmas markets, where nearly 200 traditional wooden stalls take over its historic central square. From delicious local food and drink, such as Drei im Weggla (a type of sandwich made with speciality local bratwurst and mustard), and Glühwein (German mulled wine), and of course, plenty of beer, along with hand-made crafts and clothing, you will find all manner of delights on offer, and there is no better place to soak up the Christmas spirit.


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Miles of paradisical beaches, cosmopolitan cities, otherwordly deserts, mountains, rainforests and the incredible Great Barrier Reef (the largest coral reef on earth), Australia is unique and captivating, a sun-baked land brimming with opportunity and adventure.

December marks the beginning of summer in Australia and is a great time to visit; the weather in much of the country is warm and sunny (unlike later in the season when the heat can be unbearable) equally perfect for discovering the sights and sounds of Sydney or Melbourne, strolling through vineyards, scaling mountains or, relaxing on the beach.

New York City, USA

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From iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building, to myriad world-famous museums and galleries, and a seemingly endless array of shops, theatres, bars and eateries, New York is arguably the most exciting city on earth!

From the Rockefeller Centre's giant tree to the ice-rinks of Central Park, and the lavish decoration department stores of Fifth Avenue, along with a host of Christmas-themed markets, concerts and broadway shows, few other cities embody the holiday spirit like the Big Apple, and the city never looks as beautiful when carpeted in a blanket of December snow!


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Postcard-perfect white (and pink) sand beaches, stunning, turquoise waters, lush tropical gardens, and a thoroughly laid back and welcoming atmosphere, Barbados is the perfect destination for a sun-soaked winter break.

December is the driest month of the year on the island, and with average daily temperatures in the high 20s, conditions are perfect for relaxing on the beach, exploring attractions like the fascinating subterranean Harrison's Caves, or taking advantage of the wide range of activities on offer (such as surfing, scuba diving or jet blading)

Prague, Czech Republic

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One of Europe's most picturesque cities, The Czech capital boasts a stunning blend of baroque, gothic, and romanesque architecture, which line winding cobbled streets and, the banks of the River Vlatva.

Though the city is usually extremely cold during December, those willing to brave the wintry climate will discover its unique fairy tale charm. Millions of twinkling lights illuminate its millennia-old cobbled streets and landmarks, whilst its medieval squares host Christmas markets. The largest and most famous, and arguably its best, is located in the beautiful old town square next to the striking Church of our lady before týn, and encompasses 60 wooden huts selling all manner of local food, drink and crafts.

Cape Verde

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Situated some 500KM west of the African mainland, this extraordinary archipelago boasts a diversity of striking landscapes, from verdant peaks and valleys to active volcanoes, unspoilt beaches, deserts and pastel-hued salt lakes.

Thanks to the warm, dry weather, December is the perfect time to visit Cape Verde and take advantage of the many activities on offer (hiking, diving, windsurfing and horse riding to name but a few), whilst those seeking a Christmas break with a twist, will enjoy one of the many beachside celebrations that take place over the festive period.

Zermatt, Switzerland

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Located in the heart of the Swiss Alps at an elevation of over 1,600 metres, Zermatt, the country's highest ski resort (and arguably its best), features an incredible 360km of ski-runs, along with an array of boutiques, bars, eateries and hotels. Framed by stunning Alpine landscapes, including the iconic pyramid-like Matterhorn (one of the highest peaks in Europe), it is, without doubt, one of the best and most beautiful destinations on the planet for a ski holiday, and, thanks to its lofty altitude, which brings an abundance of snow, December is a great time to visit.


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From the kaleidoscopic streets of Bangkok to ancient palaces and Buddhist temples, biodiverse rainforests, mountains and some of the most picturesque islands on earth, 'The Land of Smiles', is as diverse as it is beautiful.

With warm sunny weather and limited rainfall, December is a great time to visit. It coincides with high tourist season (and thus some of the most popular destinations can be a little crowded) but those intrepid souls willing to step off the beaten track will discover a land of culture, adventure and unspoilt natural beauty!

Dubai, UAE

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Dubai, the Gulf's most iconic destination, might be known as a playground for glamorous influencers and the super-wealthy, but this futuristic metropolis has so much more to offer.

Of course, there are plenty of luxury hotels and nightclubs, world-class restaurants and upmarket boutiques, but there are also vibrant souks, ancient landmarks, museums and galleries, as well as some stunning natural scenery just a short drive away. Though the city is a great year-round destination, the summer months can be unbearably hot at times, whereas December offers much more bearable conditions with daily temperatures in the mid to high 20s.