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10 Best Places To Visit In October

October, for many of us, marks the true beginning of Autumn, the weather begins to cool and the leaves on the trees change to those familiar auburn tones. It is a great month to travel, with plenty of amazing deals on hotels and flights to be had, some exciting festivals and events taking place, and in Southern Europe and further afield, some great weather. So whether you're in search of a relaxing holiday in warmer climes, a culture-focused weekend break, or a long-haul adventure, we've put together a list of the 10 BEST places to visit in October.


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Spanning two continents, Turkey is a tantalising blend of European and Asian cultures; a nation with a long and proud history, home to a wealth of stunning scenery, and awe-inspiring landmarks, and some of the most delicious cuisine on earth.

For those seeking some early Autumn sun along with some excellent value deals, then Turkey is a great option, with average daily highs of 26ºC throughout October and relatively little rainfall. Such conditions are perfect for enjoying the country's diversity of destinations, from the picture-perfect beaches of the southern and western coastlines to the otherworldly landscapes of Capadoccia, or the ancient treasures of the capital, Istanbul.


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From futuristic metropolises to ancient Buddhist temples, snow-capped mountains to tropical beaches, natural hot springs, bamboo groves and postcard-perfect cherry blossom trees, Japan's landscapes are as diverse as they are beautiful, and combined with its incredible history, unique cultural makeup and mouthwatering gastronomy make it one of the most fascinating destinations on earth.

Though its climate can vary dramatically depending on location, during October, much of the country is mild and dry. In addition, though not the cheapest time of year to visit, prices are normally considerably lower than the spring and summer months, and with an abundance of cultural festivals on offer, and so much to do and see, there has never been a better time to visit 'the land of the rising sun.


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An important trading post for thousands of years, this North African nation boasts a long, proud history and diverse heritage, exemplified in its architecture, culture and delicious cuisine, whilst its landscapes encompass picturesque coastlines, the stunning Atlas Mountains (often called Africa's answer to the Himalayas) and the northern section of the Sahara Desert.

October is a great time to visit Morocco with some great deals to be found and temperatures in the mid to high 20s (a far cry from the often oppressive heat of the summer months). It's a perfect time to hike the Atlas mountains, explore kaleidoscopic Souks, or simply relax on the beach or by the poolside in a traditional riad.


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With picture-perfect beaches, azure lagoons, spectacular coral reefs, and rainforest carpeted mountains, the island nation of Mauritius is a wonderful destination for an autumn getaway.

Due to its location, south of the Equator in the Indian Ocean, the country has a warm year-round climate, though, for guaranteed sun, very little rainfall, and wind, and colourful springtime flora, October is a great time to visit. These conditions are perfect for exploring its coastal waters, and, thanks to its incredible coral reefs, which support a truly magnificent array of marine life, Mauritius is one of the best destinations on the planet for diving and snorkeling.

The Canary Islands

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Characterised by uniquely beautiful volcanic landscapes that encompass striking coastal cliffs, white and black-sand beaches, otherworldly deserts, and dramatic mountain peaks, this collection of Spanish islands, situated off the coast of northwestern Africa, is truly extraordinary.

Nicknamed the 'Land of Eternal Springtime' due to its perpetually warm climate, the archipelago has plenty to offer any time of year, though is particularly nice during October, when temperatures average in the high 20s, rainfall is minimal, and the beaches quieter than during the summer and winter months.


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The Italian isle of Sardinia is truly captivating, home to miles of picturesque beaches, verdant mountains and valleys, biodiverse forests, ancient ruins, and colourful towns and villages where you will find some of the most delicious food and drink in all of Europe!

With a dry sunny climate and average daily highs of around 23°C, conditions in October are perfect for experiencing the island in full, whether that's relaxing on pristine beaches, scaling mountain paths, cycling along nature-filled trails, or exploring historic landmarks that date back thousands of years!


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Situated in the Indian Ocean some 400km east of the African Mainland, the beautiful island of Madagascar is a spectacular, natural paradise, home to lush rainforests, arid deserts, and pristine beaches, to rugged, lunar-like canyons, and a wealth of flora and fauna, 80% of which are not found anywhere else on earth (including all the world's lemurs)

Weather-wise October is the best month to visit the island, with temperatures in the mid to high 20s, and limited rainfall. The coastal waters are calm and clear, great for spotting the diversity of marine life that call them home, whilst October also coincides with the tail end of peak birthing season for lemurs!

Berlin, Germany

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Berlin, Germany’s capital and cultural centre is a unique and fascinating city, home to iconic structures and monuments (including, the Holocaust Memorial, the Brandenburg Gate and the remains of the Berlin Wall) that serve as compelling reminders of the country’s tumultuous past, whilst it also boasts an art and cultural scene to rival any city on earth.

Though undoubtedly a great destination almost any time of year, during October, the city plays host to a number of world-renowned events including, the Festival of Lights (one of the largest arts festivals on earth) where a host of world-renowned artists create stunning installations that illuminate its some of its most iconic landmarks. Combine this with the relatively mild weather, and the beautiful autumnal hues of its parks, and there is no better time to experience this wonderful city!


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Snow-capped volcanoes, otherworldly deserts, dense rainforests, glittering glacial fjords, lush vineyards, cosmopolitan cities and much more, Chile is, without doubt, one of the world's most beautiful nations.

Thanks to the steady climate throughout much of the country, it is a great destination all year round, but the southern region of Patagonia is more seasonal. October marks the middle of springtime in Patagonia, and with mild temperatures, little rainfall, and its flora in full bloom, there is no better time to explore this rugged, natural paradise.

Austin, Texas

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Austin might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of US cities to visit, but this cosmoplitan hub has developed a reptuation as one of the country's coolest destinations thanks to its vibrant nightlife, thriving arts and cultural scene, and excellent gastronomy.

In addition, every October, the city plays host to what is arguably the coolest music festival in the country, ACL (Austin City Limits), where, over the course of two weekends, a diverse array of musicians and artists showcase their talent in the city's Zilker Park. Widely regarded as one the best music festivals in the world, it attracts over 400,000 fans from accross the US and beyond, and has also garnered a stellar reputation amongst foodies thanks to the delicious array of cuisine on offer!