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Paws Right There Dog Lovers! Check These 5 Perfect Days Out For Canine Companions

They say a dog is a man's best friend, but he’s also man's most energetic pest if you’re not feeding and walking them enough. Whilst it’s been difficult this year to stretch out legs on the world map scale, there’s still lots of room for fun getaways, mini-breaks and holidays if you’re shrewd enough.

For this with canine companions, why not take a day trip, or a short break over a weekend to let your four legged friend frolic free of the confines of four walls?

Here’s our 5 best dog friendly escapes for a short break!

1 - Cornwall

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If you’ve ever taken your furry friend to the coast you’ll know that sand and sea to a pedigree is the equivalent to Alton Towers to a 5 year old who’s overdosing on sugar and e-numbers. Golden sand to dig, waves that crash to splash in and birds to chase.

Bonus Fun Fact: If there’s a single weird item strewn on the beach somewhere, like a 1994 Merlin sticker book album buried in the smallest nook, your dog will have an esoteric ability to weed it out and bring it to you. It’s amazing what our four legged friends can unearth given the go-ahead to run around.

Check out these awesome dog friendly cottages for rent!

2 - The Lake District

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Windermere lake in the Lake District in particular is a perfect place for some panting and tail wagging. If your dog is the kind to look for the wettest patch of soil to roll around in, don’t worry, Windermere lake provides awesome lake cruises that are perfect for Pugs and amazing for Alsatians. What’s even nicer is your dog goes free if he’s well behaved (I know he’s probably not, but we can always bluff it).

3 - The Cotswolds

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For nature and animal lovers this is the paw-fect day out! There's a staggering 250+ species of animals inhabiting the serene countryside of Gloucestershire here at the Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens. Where else can you take your four legged chum for a day out and come eye to eye with giraffes? Let the fun with 4 legged mammals commence!

4) The Peak District

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If a long walk over verdant hills followed by a cool pint in a warm countryside pub by a crackling fireplace is your kind of day, then we have some great news for you and your dog. The Peak District has over 100+ dog friendly pubs and taverns, and a great array of camping and cottage digs that will cater you and the family for a peaceful nights rest.

5) Snowdonia

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Wales biggest national park is a treasure trove of jagged peaks and sprawling landscapes. Climbing Mount Snowdon is an epic way to tick off climbing a mountain off of your bookitlist, and it’s dog friendly meaning you’ve got company along the way! It’s also great prep for the 3 peaks challenge, if you can conquer one, you’re ready to take on all 3!