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The U.K’s BIG 6 Must Visit Theme Parks

Who doesn’t love a good roller coaster?

OK some of you are squeamish when it comes to be throttled around an upside down loop in a carriage smaller than a mini cooper, but there’s still a TON of fun to be had at a theme park. Yes even for those of you who prefer to avoid the white knuckle treatment.

Alton Towers

Alton Towers is as British as fish and chips at this point. A staple in epic days out for families, couples and teenagers across the country. There’s a new ride every year or so and the classics are just as thrilling on your 10th go around. It’s the biggest and baddest theme park in the U.K with rides such as; Oblivion, TH13TEEN, Rita, Nemsis, The Smiler and new for 2020 the Gangsta Granny ride!

Thorpe Park

5 epic roller coasters that have you whistling by at what feels like a thousand feet in the air, talk about a new definition of the phrase “high five”. SAW - The Swarm - Stealth - Nemesis Inferno and Colossus will give you enough G-Force to empathise with Nasa Astronauts in training. There’s also the wonderfully spooky Derren Brown’s Ghost Train and the Walking Dead ride.

Chessington World Of Adventure

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Photo by Devon Rogers

Amusement Park

For the parents out there who want to create a magical day for their little tyrants, Chessington World Of Adventure is the perfect day out. There’s a new rainforest area for 2020 with several rides, The Gruffalo RiverRide Adventure, and even the Chessington Zoo. Bring your camera and your little ones for a day you won’t forget.

LegoLand Windsor Resort

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Photo by Efraimstochter

LegoLand Resort

The only thing more painful than standing barefoot on some lego that your child has kindly left sprawled across the floor, is missing out on the opportunity to go to LegoLand Windsor Resort and diving in the immense fun inside. LEGO NINJAGO The Ride, The Dragon, Driving School, Laser Raiders, Vikings River Splash, Pirate Falls, LEGO City Deep Sea Adventure and now in 2020, the DUPLO Dino Coaster.

P.S Whilst we think LEGO are for kids, you might have to hide the fact you’re having more fun than the kids are because it’s a blast for adults too.

Drayton Manor

Often overlooked, but never to be underestimated. Drayton Manor is immensely affordable, with some great white knuckle rides. It’s also the biggest family owned theme park in the U.K with thrills like Stormforce 10, Air Race, Apocalypse and Accelerator.

It’s also a dream for any child who loves Thomas the Tank Engine with no less than 17 Thomas themed rides in Thomas Land!

Great mixture of adult and children attractions to be found at Drayton Manor.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Roller Coaster

Whilst not technically a theme park, there’s over 120 rides to knock your socks off so we think it still counts! There’s a reason 6 million people visit annually, not to mention the amount of fun things to do nearby. The main spectacles of the Pleasure Beach would have to be the Big One, Valhalla, Skyforce and Infusion. Then there’s Blackpool Tower for some epic views, seaside fish and chips, arcades and even a nearby water sports facility for some added thrills with skills!