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Top 5 Places To Celebrate St Patrick's Day

Some events are points of national pride, an ode to a historical event that lives in the heart of its natives. Some events are globally unifying such as the commencing of a new year, an event we can all relate to. But not often do events fall under both categories. Ireland is a nation of such pride and eccentric joy, their infectious partying spirit as leaked off it's Golden Isles and now St Patrick's day is a celebration that is firmly cemented into the global zeitgeist.

Who can resist a dark ruby pint of Guinness with a foam head as smooth as silk? Certainly not us here at Bookitlist HQ! That's why we've comprised a list of the best places to celebrate St Patrick's Day.

1) Chicago

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It's hard to make an army of green white and orange-clad party-goers stand out any more than they already do, but Chicago manages it. Dyeing the entire Chicago River green in honour of St Patrick's day makes for a fun and unique colourful addition to the festivities. If that wasn't enough, there are not one, not two but THREE parades on St Patrick's day to celebrate. Crazy fun fact, the dye used to turn the river bright green is actually ORANGE?!

2) Boston

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Boston is as Irish as it gets outside of the country itself. Some historians date the celebrations for St Patrick's day as far back as 1724! Irish heritage makes for the largest ethnic group in Boston, and its influences can be felt year-round with pints of moreish Guinness and Irish pubs being the norm. Harpoon Brewery hosts a festival for the event and there's an Irish Whisky fair at the harbour.

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3) Buenos Aires

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The Argentinian capital is no stranger to partying but things are taken up a notch on March 17th. The city boasts a proud Irish ancestry and 10 blocks of the inner city are transformed into the white, green and orange tri-colour party central. Plaza San Martin is the hub of the parade and is also the jumping-off point for the night time festivities.

4) London

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Just a geographical stones throw away from Ireland is England, and as neighbours of the hearty Irish, we're more similar than we sometimes care to admit. London is as cosmopolitan and cross-cultural as cities come so celebrating St Patrick's day with full vigour should come as no surprise. From Picadilly to Trafalgar Square the parade floats through hundreds of thousands of stout sipping onlookers. Waxy O'Connors is a great Irish bar for a pint or The Porterhouse in Covent Garden.

5) Dublin

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The heart and soul of St Patrick's day cannot be disputed. Nowhere celebrates with the enthusiasm or endless thirst of the Dublin faithful. Be sure to book accommodation as soon as possible as it's an incredibly popular Bookitlist event to attend. Temple bar is the mecca of drinking in Dublin and despite being crowded is a must-visit. Merrion square usually hosts a Festival Village which is a lovely way to snack and drink outside (despite the Irish weather). There are even a circus most years so if you feel like a bit of a clown in your green-clad after 5 pints, you'll feel right at home.

Visit Dublin

Dublin is the heart and soul of St Patrick's Day, but this city's heart beat doesn't just run for one weekend. There is a spirit in Dublin that's almost unrivalled across the world and it makes for a great getaway throughout the year. Whether you want to experience Dublin during St Patrick's Day or at another time, check out our Dublin Guide

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