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Top 5 Places To See The Northern Lights

A bucket list favourite that never fails to disappoint, witnessing the incredible, natural spectacle that is the Aurora Borealis, is an awe-inspiring experience that will undoubtedly stay with you forever.

Though they can appear on occasion elsewhere, it's those destinations encompassed within what is known as the Northern Lights Oval, (which encircles the Magnetic North Pole) that offer by far the most reliable conditions, and from Scandinavia to Alaska, we've put together a list of the Top 5 places to see the Northern Lights.


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An extraordinarily beautiful place, Iceland's otherwordly landscapes encompass everything from sweeping grass-covered valleys, to snow-capped peaks, active volcanoes, icy fjords, and breathtaking glaciers.

Thanks to its northern location, lack of pollution, and long, dark, nights, during the Autumn and Winter months the island is one of the best places on earth for witnessing the aurora, and there are truly few more awe-inspiring sights than the island's incredible scenery illuminated by in a neon-green glow.

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A magical winter wonderland characterised by vast snow-carpeted plains, punctuated by stunning evergreen forests, glaciers, and icy lakes, Lapland, Finland's northernmost region, is a truly unique and beautiful place.

Almost entirely encompassed within the Arctic Circle, the region is perhaps best known as the official 'home' of Santa Claus, though it is also one of the best places on the planet for viewing the Northern Lights, which between November and April, appear almost every clear night!

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The world's largest and most sparsely populated island, Greenland is a uniquely beautiful blend of sweeping tundras, magnificent glaciers, and stunning coastal fjords dotted with alabaster icebergs.

Thanks to its northern location, and lack of pollution, during the autumn and winter months the northern lights regularly grace Greenland's inky, star-filled skies, which, combined with spectacular scenery makes for some truly awe-inspiring vistas!

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Alaska, the US’ northernmost state is a remote, natural paradise largely untouched by human intervention, where sweeping mountain ranges tower over vast fjords and endless evergreen forests.

The region's long winter nights, sparsely-populated topography, and northerly location makes it the best destination for viewing the Aurora in all of the United States, whilst from husky-sledging to ice fishing, whale watching and glacier climbing, there are plenty of exciting activities to keep you entertained during the daytimes!

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Norway's rugged north is truly magnificent, home to ancient glaciers, snow-carpeted mountains, forests, lakes and cragged coastlines fringed by icy fjords, which are punctuated by hundreds of tiny islands.

Between the months of November and March, the aurora regularly makes an appearance across the whole of Norway's far north, and many visitors will flock to Tromsø, a beautiful and historic city which is situated right at the heart of the Northern Lights Oval, making it the best destination on the planet for viewing the Northern Lights!

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Witness the incredible natural spectacle that is the awe-inspiring Northern Lights, and make some memories that you will never, ever forget!