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Top 7 Music Festivals For Every Part Animals Bookitlist

Nothing brings people together like live music, glitter, booze and a random field in the middle of nowhere. Festivals are a whole world of mischievous fun. Whether you’re sliding around in the mud or working on your lobster tan, the weather never dampens the spirits of the crowds.

Here are our 7 must attend music festivals for every part animals bookitlist!


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Glastonbury is Britain’s largest and most popular festival that takes place at the end of June.This 5-day festival takes place in Somerset, England and sees the biggest pop and rock acts take to its stage each year.

Headliners have previously included Kanye West, The Killers, Oasis, Beyonce, Dolly Parton and David Bowie. Tickets are in huge demand so you have to have a speedy internet connection, reliable alarm clock and quick clicking skills to bag your tickets.


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Coachella is a music and arts festival held in California every April. This festival isn’t one you can easily do on the cheap. The tickets are approximately $400 for general admission, and then you have travel, supplies, food etc on top. Coachella is a glamorous affair where fashion is just as important as any of the tunes.


Tomorrowland is for EDM lovers who want to boogie in Boom, Belgium. Held every year on the final two weekends in July, Tomorrowland sees over 400,000 visitors from all over the world. Its another one which sells out in minutes and typically has over 2 million people apply for tickets.

This festival is so popular that spinoffs of it have been made across the world; Tomorrowland Winter takes place in the French Alps in every March.


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Enjoy a week of slopeside partying at Snowbombing in Austria. With a massive line up of rock, indie, house, garage and more, the bangers blare from the biggest slopeside speakers you’ll ever see. Better yet, immerse yourself in igloo raves, street parties and enchanted forests. If you want a festival with an icy twist, head to Snowbombing this year.

Montreal International Jazz Festival

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If you like jazz music, this 10-day festival offers a more civilised experience than most others. The Montreal International Jazz Festival holds a Guinness World Record for being the biggest jazz festival on the planet. Situated in the heart of Montreal, this is the ideal festival for those who want to combine their love of music with travelling.


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PINKPOP is the Netherland’s most famous 3-day music festival.Taking place in June in the town of Landgraaf, this festival has seen the likes of Metallica, Foo Fighters and Rage Against The Machine take to its stage. Having been going for over 47 years, Pinkpop is now an institution of music festivities in Europe.

Rock in Rio

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Rio is known as the ‘city of rock’, so of course it has its own rock festival.Whilst its main focus is rock music, there is something for everyone as everything from pop and funk to soul and MPB fill the air. The organisers of this event really go all out by lighting the sky with fireworks, branching the festival out into other cities and giving it its very own anthem.