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Float In The Dead Sea

Release yourself from gravity and float aloft the salty Dead Sea's H20 blanket.

Suspend Gravity In A Serene Lake

That's right, despite being called "The Dead Sea" it's actually a vast salt lake. Interestingly it's actually the lowest place on Earth at 430 metres below sea level.

At 9.6 times saltier than the ocean, it's fair to say you'll get your share of sodium chloride when taking a dip. The name "The Dead Sea" actually comes from the salt making it difficult for fish and plants to survive. Even if you swim like a brick, you'll look like Michael Phelps taking a paddle in this buoyant lake.

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Stay At The Dead Sea In 5 Star Luxury!

Did you know you can float in the dead sea on the edge of a 5 star luxury hotel?! The Kempinski Hotel changes the Dead Sea from a fleeting day visit, to a permanent panoramic backdrop with indulgent mud baths and salt spas on offer once you've had your fill floating across it's salty waters. You'll be able to coast by in the infinity pool that directly looks out over the Dead Sea and every room has balcony sea views!

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The salt concentration is incredibly high in the Dead Sea, and that's what allows you to float.

The mid summer months are quite hot so September to October is the peak season for visiting, giving the weather is still nice but not sweltering.

The Dead Sea is situated in Jordan. Check out our guide to Jordan to discover more things to do in this epic middle eastern gem.


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